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My views about australia

I have just came across this discussion topic and i found it really nice as FRIHOST gives us an opportunity to share our experience.

What i think and feel about Australia:Australia really makes me feel the kind of feeling i have wanted just imagine a place which has nice amount of space and nature although i have only been to melbourne only once in my life,the place is really nice as compared to where i am living right now.Living in australia may be cool to me but to some other people it does not be cool though.

I Like to have people vcomment on my topics as it makes me feel contented to just read how people comment about something.

So right now people,for those who have been to australia or wish to go there,please tell me how you feel about it and why Wink
what is the visa procedure ?
Hey! I got the same experience: I was in Melb for about two weeks, never got out of it, and the only wild animal I got to see was my host's dog, but it was enough for me to realize how magical a place Australia is.

I will go back there every time I can.

I would add, apart from the scenery (which I haven't seen but the streets of Melbourne are beautiful) the reason one would like to go to Australia is for the people there: Australians are consistently the nicest people I've met, and I was struck how "being a good person" seemed to be a goal in the life of most people I met in Melbourne (which is more than I can say for any other country I've visited).

Also, many people tend to prefer Sydney to Melbourne because they go there during the Northern hemisphere's big vacations, which means that it's winter in Australia. As a result, people enjoy the subtropical climate of Sydney but not so much the wintery climate in Melbourne at that time of year. That said, Melbourne is definitely a place to check out, because of the great downtown area, the parks, etc.

Plane tickets are expensive, but they're worth every cent!
Thanks for that zbale, great post. I've never been to Melbourne and if I do go to Australia I would like to go somewhere else than Sydney. So that may be one of my stops if I do make it to the country. Have you been to Perth as well as I hear it's a great place to be as well.
Very Happy
cangoroos Very Happy
I'm glad you enjoyed my city and those are very kind words Smile

I just popped in to comment that I would recommend Queensland as the place of choice if you desire nice summery weather. The lower part of Qld is nice and summery and the higher part of Qld is tropical, in our winter tropical North Queensland is lovely weather not stifling.

I've never been to WA but it is supposed to be good and summery.

Central Australia is hot and deserty and Darwin is tropical too.

Sydney is milder than Melbourne and Melbourne is milder than Tasmania and I think Adelaide is about the same as Melbourne but less prone to rain.

Pretty much the closer to Antarctica, the colder you will be.
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