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Is having sex good for your health?

Normally people would say having sex is like making your muscles weak and numb but recently,i found out while i was looking through some health tips magazine and i saw one special article about people who have disagreed on 'having sex is bad for your health.'Of course having unsafe sex may lead to cases like HIV or even aids.But now,the topic we will be discussing about is whether 'Having sex is it good or bad for your health?'

In my opinion as i have discussed this topic with some collage friends of mine,about 3 of them agreed that having sex is good for your health but majority of them says 'No having sex makes you weak and vulnerable.'In my opinion having sex would be a good thing as research have proven that it is like running on a 2km field.To Me,having sex would be like working-out.But of course,too much may lead to some problems with one's health and lead to problematic cases.

So right now i would like people opinion on whether having sex is good for your health or sex if not good for your health.Please post a comment and tell me your opinions and views on whether is it good or bad.

Thank you for reading my post and i hope you guys would like to participate in this discussion topic and give me some nice and interesting comments and hope this would not disturb you in any way, or make you feel uncomfortable reading it. Very Happy
I've heard of quite a few studies claiming that sex is pretty good for your health and none that claim the opposite.

First of all I think it is healthy just like doing any kind of sport/exercise. Secondly by having sex your body releases some chemicals that are good for your body. Sperm itself is also healthy. And finally, having sex usually reduces stress and makes you happier, both having a big effect on your health.
Haha true enough maybe i would try looking up more people replies to see how they respond to it
I think it is, because it's a pretty nice way of using up calories.
It'll get you worked up.
However, too much is not healthy, especially with stds.
In my humble opinion I think it is healthy. Good exercise, lot lots of fun...I don't know how it can be bad really...
It's very healthy; causes good blood flow to the body (some parts more than others Cool ) and consistent ejaculation (a few times a week) helps prevent prostate cancer in the long run for males. It's supposed to be good for the heart too, but I doubt it would be a real cardiovascular exercise for anyone unless they're really out of shape. Apparently, sperm also acts as an antidepressant for women (in the vagina).
Sex has a lot of benefits. I've read many articles stating that sex can improve your immune system, improve mood, and sleep and many other things.

Here's an article from WebMD listing 10 surprising benefits of sex:
well i think it is must for better health , it relaxes body and is good for mental health
I think good exercise make good body,and good body make good love.
Of course, it's true that sex good for health, especially if it's optimized. Smile
of course its are working out and it makes you happy. Its fun also Smile
i also believe having sex is good for your health and spiritual life as well, its in the bible, not sure which script rue, but will look for it and send it to you guys, God made sex as a form of worship, its good to have sex on the marriage bed of course. having sex is good for us, unless of course a person is not married then it disturbs the body. this is my understanding.
Well....I dont know y ppl says sex makes you weak and vulnerable....!!

can't ppl differentiate between sex and masturbation....!!

Ohh Yeah...Masturbation is the act that makes one weak.....

Sex is something enjoyfull that is enjoyed with a partner of opposite sex...!!

And remember Excess of anything is harmfull.... Smile Twisted Evil
I can't say much about the physical health but Sex definitely help in mental health positively.
It depends. If you are not finding an appropriate outlet for your sexual energy, releasing it through the act of sex would be healthier than keeping it in.
Yes, if I have it. if others have it, has no impact Smile
Yes,I think good sex behaviour is good for our body,on the other hand,abuse sex behaviour is harmful for you when you are doing so.
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