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Vuvuzela - World Cup Horns

I would hate to sit in a stadium with a bunch of these vuvuzela horns blasting.

Even watching it on TV grates on my nerves after a few minutes. Maybe they need some didgeridoo's sounding off an octive or two lower would help give a better balanced tone.
I heard that these things have actually been tied to hearing loss. I'd like to know the source of this finding and how they figured it out. Regardless, they are extremely annoying and I hope FIFA gets rid of them/bans them ASAP.
I believe that people who go to sport events are more interested to make noise than the actual sport performance. People who like the sport watch TV Wink
Yes I also think the noise are very annoying, very similar to mosquito flying sound. Hope that it's just SA World Cup thingy, not spread to the rest of the football world, lol.
I hate it and it must be banned.
yes, I heard it on tv and am glad its only on tv... Its more irritating than a blow horn, or even a PA system.

I think they could use the vuvuzela as crowd control, or probably even assasinations. Laughing

I think it sounds like n elephant in agony, so maybe they emulated for that, but am not sure.
Mrs Lycos
Well the players have also complained about this, the only goal against Argentina the defender said he couldn't hear his mates telling him about the attacker coming behind him, who stole the ball and scored alone.
So definitely, they should be banned. If they annoy us listening to them on tv, imagine being on the field, surrounded by this deafening sound. It really gets to my nerves, I can't imagine how they can affect the players, even if they are focused on the game.
Who are the douchebags constantly playing this instrument thinking it remotely sounds appealing to the ears? An audiophile should create some kind of filter to get rid of those horrid things.
Burn them!
i hate vuvuzelas
someone had one on the subway the other day and it is so loud in an enclosed space -- i could feel my ear drums breaking
Vuvuzela has started to be banned from Premier League Football :


LONDON -- Fans hoping to bring the distinctive drone of the vuvuzela back to England from the World Cup face disappointment after several Premier League clubs banned the trumpets from their stadiums.

Although the Premier League has not made any ruling on the vuvuzela covering its 20 teams, Tottenham banned the South African instrument late Monday.

Arsenal, Birmingham, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, West Ham and Sunderland followed Tuesday, with most citing concern that the distinctive blaring of the vuvuzelas could prevent spectators at matches from hearing safety announcements such as evacuation instructions.

I bet it is more fun on the other end of vuvuzela Laughing So, plug your ears with some cotton, take a horn and GO Very Happy
Worldcup Rubbish again, horns rubbish, players rubbish

Bring back Mexico '86 that was the best
last weekend I was at a small athletics (track & field) contest. One person had a vuvuzela. He didn't use it a lot which I'm glad for but now I'm a bit worried this can spread to other sports Confused I hope not.
@r4inm4ker: I was watching Arsenal vs. AC Milan in Arsenal's Emirates Cup on TV last night and I was hearing minor sounds of Vuvuzela, may be some Italians brought into the the Emirates.

By the way, EPL newbie, Blackpool, declared that they're encouraging their fans to bring Vuvuzelas in their home matches, I think they'll enjoy a horrible English top flight debut. Laughing
ever played vuvuzela hero?
Damn, I heard those when I watched the play offs a few months ago. First I thought something was wrong with the TV, then it turned out that it was those vuvuzelas. I even heard somebody was put in jail in Germany for playing on a vuvuzela at like 4 am and waking up the whole town. Yeah, he woke up a few hundred or a few thousand people by blasting on that damned pipe!
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