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Data execution prevention error

When I am running any video file from my computer following error is showing:
Data Execution Prevention Microsoft Windows
To help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program.
Name: program name
Publisher: program publisher

Data Execution Prevention helps protect against damage from viruses or other threats. Some programs might not run correctly when it is turned on. For an updated version of this program, contact the publisher. What else should I do?

When i am click Close Message, the program quits, and Windows Error Reporting gives me the option to send an error report.

Mainly this problem occurs at the time of Turn off.

I am already trying to add Video player software in the Data execution Prevention exception list through My Computer properties.

But the problem occurs agin.
Can anybody explain how should I solve this problem? Is their any danger of crashing my windows?
hi. it looks like you are having trouble with the codec installed on your PC. this error happens if when your PC encounters an unrecognizable code from the file you are opening. you might want to install an updated codec files for you to be able to view videos without having some issues.

before you do that, check if this only happens with that particular movie you are watching. if so, then update your codecs. if not, then most probably the problem is the PC, check for viruses if that's the case. if not, do a system restore and select the date before you had that problem.

codec download site (free) :

good luck and tell us if you are successful
have you looked at

says you can turn on DEP only for windows programs, down the bottom ish. maybe give that a go?
don't. it is clear in the tech site that it is the solution if you are getting that error when you run a progam on windows xp sp2 and not specifically meant for playing videos. This might just be a waste of time.

are you running on sp2? better update your xp to sp3. then try again.

I strongly suggest to try updating your codecs. its worth the try and it will only take you a minute to do it.
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