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Points2Shop! Earn Points and get prizes!!!!

Crazychris711 is one of the best websites I have ever visited. It lets you take surveys, play games, refer other users, and tons of other stuff, to earn points and get just about anything you could imagine. There are also forums, games, contests, weekly lotteries, sweepstakes, team competitions, quests, and lots of other fun stuff to do to earn points. It's really easy and fast to earn points, then money and prizes. Within a few hours I had already won 3 months of Xbox live for free. It’s almost unbelievable you earn points so easily, and you can do it all day everyday if you wanted. You could make extra cash, or just get stuff from Amazon, and it is totally legit! I have bought a new wireless Xbox 360 controller, a HDMI cord, and I even bought a new game and I got it all for free! This is my favorite website and what more can I say, you have to check it out for yourself to see how amazing it is. Here’s the link:

Go check this website out you will be glad you did! Very Happy
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