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best computer parts site.

In everyones opinion...what website is the best to buy hardware?

I use

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Newegg is great. I like it better than TigerDirect (the only big competitor I know of) for lots of reasons.

1. Good prices - They have some amazing deals there. Not say Tiger Direct doesn't have them, but Newegg has more.

2. Selection - It seems like some of the time, when I go on Tiger Direct, I can't find as many vendors for the same component, as many versions, or sometimes can't find it all. The number of items Newegg stocks also contributes to the number of deals you'll find there.

3. Site Design - Alright, probably not as significant, but I simply like shopping Newegg's site better. It's pretty well designed.

If I have to say one thing that's unfortunate about Newegg is that sometimes you'll find a great part priced really well, but it's out of stock. Hate when that happens.

I have to say though, this all based on former experiences. I haven't looked for components there for a while.
I use them both interchangeably but I think I use Ebay the most. Ebay you can get the same brand new things for usually cheaper. Occasionally the first 2 have great sales that beat anything on Ebay, so I think if you just search around you can find that all 3 have the perks, and downfalls depending on the product.
Newegg is really good, but it's always good to check Amazon just in case the part you need is on sale there.
I pretty much buy most of my stuff on newegg.

> It looks good - The site is very easy to navigate and there's a lot of pictures so you can get a good feel for a product.

> There's a great feedback system - The site is popular so there's lot of reviews. This can help when deciding whether or not to buy a certain item and also choosing between/among items.

> Free shipping - There's free shipping all over the place on newegg, you just have to hope it's on an item you want and sometimes I might consider other items because of free shipping.
Normaly i buy from some country magazine but i will try
I always start with newegg.. then I do a quick google product search to see if i can find it cheaper...

I'm willing to spend $5 more using newegg vs. a unknown site
newegg rocks; ebay is useful for hard-to-find things
I usually use NewEgg for older products, but I use for all my new stuff. GREAT customer service. Fast shipping, great packaging.
I agree with using
Did I mention fast shipping? I just ordered a DVD drive, didn't get a chance to look at the tracking they sent me, and I've got it already. Pretty good for free shipping.
Newegg is my go-to e-seller as well. In addition to fast shipping, good prices, and huge inventory, the customer service is fantastic. I've never had an issue trying to return something.

I just recently bought one of the new Intel motherboards with the faulty "Cougar Point" chipset. Just a day after news of the issue hit the wire, Newegg sent me this email entitled "Important Information Regarding Your Recent Sandy Bridge Purchase"

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Newegg has recently become aware of a design issue that is affecting recent models of Intel Sandy Bridge platform motherboards. We are working with Intel to identify the exact nature of this problem.

As always, Newegg remains 100% committed to our customers' total satisfaction. In keeping with our commitment to our customers, we are extending the return period for your motherboard by 90 days or until replacements become available from the manufacturer, whichever is greater. Intel expects to have a new revision of the P67 & H67 chipsets out around April, at which point first-run motherboards with this issue will need to be physically replaced in affected systems.

From a technical standpoint, the design issue can be bypassed fairly simply by not using the Serial ATA (SATA) ports that are affected. Your motherboard’s manual should identify your SATA ports by number, and at a minimum you should see ports 0-5 (6 ports in total) listed. Ports 0 and 1 are Sata Rev. III (6Gbps), and do not appear to be affected by this problem. Ports 2-5 are SATA Rev. II (3Gbps) and should not be used. For a thorough explanation of this hardware work-around, please refer to our video on YouTube:

If you choose to use the hardware work-around option, there is no need to contact us at this time. We have your information on record and will email you as soon as the replacements become available. If you would like to discuss this with our tech community or read up on the latest updates, please visit our EggXpert forum:

If none of the above options are suitable to your needs and you wish to return the board at this time for a full refund, please email us at and include your sales order number so we can help you out with your return.

If you have any concerns, please contact Newegg Customer Service for further information and assistance.

Thank you for your support!


Your Customer Service Team

You cannot beat that kind of customer service and communication. They state the problem, give a technical summary, and provide a plan of action - definitely count me as a loyal customer.
Also, besides Newegg, I'll occasionally check Amazon's prices. If they have "prime eligible" items, I go there. I love being a student and getting free Amazon Prime!
I usually use Newegg whenever I need something, although I always check Amazon for the same part to see if it's at a lower price there.
Unfortunately I use local stores' sites since the import tax is 32% for electronics and purchasing tax is about 17%.
If I have bought an item online, I also need to travel to the customs office and wait for half a day in line, then I must prove that I bought that item for the specified price and pay the taxes...

I can buy small items from eBay but that's about it.
i think buyers should be open for the best deals from any site which is reputed ,you must first compare the price and specs of product and then buy it.You can go for ebay,amazon,new egg ,or any other ..
I looked up for a specific type of ram called RDRAM, which has 2 nothces a cm apart at the bottom, but it did not have it on their site.

But apart from that I think enwegg is quite popular for other computer stuff.
huh. this is my first time meeting people looking for RDRAM....

also, It's not that I hate newegg, but I think I prefer to buy things from online shop that had their retail branch near my city. I could just check things that I needs online, put some order, and pick the goods myself on their shop, that way I got reason to leave my house Neutral
I use Newegg and Amazon.
weableandbob wrote:
Newegg is really good, but it's always good to check Amazon just in case the part you need is on sale there.

Totally agree with this. I have amazon prime so i get free two day shipping, becuase of that I use Amazon for most of my orders. I also love how amazon has no tax!

In addition I always make sure to check slickdeals to see if there are any crazy deals before I check amazon and newegg. has some good deals at times as well.
pll it's the best.
In the United States, Newegg tops out for me. However, I never buy parts exclusively from them. If another store has a better price, I head there (so long as it's reputable). Some examples are TigerDirect (good, but wish they had a better site design), Amazon,, eBay, and a number of other small sellers.
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