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How to create a Mini-Image

ok guys this first one is for Starforce, but I will put a link to a fantastic tutorial on how to make a mini-image for Safedisc.

-first use sfclean official starforce removal utility if necessary
-Make image with starforce 1/2/3 profile with alcohol %120, get dpm at low speed.
- take image (will have mdf and mds file)
-Run your favourite iso editing software Ultraiso/Winiso etc.
- delete all files from the image.
- Click save as, save as bin. For reference, the resulting file size should be 68 208 bytes (this is for v8 supercars 2, so ignore the size if doing for any other game).
- Trash the cue.
- get original mds, rename the bin to original mdf. (In windows explorer click tools, folder options, uncheck "hide extensions for known file types". Then you'll be able to rename bin to mdf, getting a warning though.)
- Then place the stripped bin renamed to mdf to separate folder. Place a copy of original mds file there. Give them the same name, keeping the extensions.
- Now you have a mini image that's sufficient to make starforce happy consisting of original mds and mdf with all files removed...
- do the usual stuff - unplug physically/disable in bios all ide cd/dvd devices, mount the image on alcohol/dtools virtual drive and it'll work.
(if you mount the image on a network drive then you dont have to worry about the ****** part apparently)

for Safedisc and above see here:

If all else fails you can try creating the image with Alcohol 120, but about 2% in cancel the copy and do not delete the incomplete files. You will now have a working (in most cases) mini-image. This is the method I have used before and it worked fine, cant remember what protection it was though sorry.

Hope this helps guys

Thanx to CD-Freaks for both of these guides
Nice tutorial I always needed that before but I never foudn one when I needed it so I just forgot about the one I was doing.
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