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New Member from the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Hello. It is early AM here and very hot and humid right now. The population is very concerned right now about the BP Oil Crisis. Fortunately, we do not have effects yet.

I am very happy to have found this forum. It is great to find a forum that is run professionally and is on top of spam. However, right off I noticed a couple of posts in which the member had obviously not read or understood the rules.

The other day my computer died. It is very sad to me as I currently do not have funds to repair or replace. However, when my daughter sleeps or is at work, I can borrow hers. I can also use the library--its not the same as using your own computer, though. But, I guess I should be grateful I have any alternatives. My posting to this forum will be inconsistent for awhile, though.

My hobby is digital photography. My camera is currently in the shop, too. I can't wait until my camera and computer problems are resolved! I look forward to learning and contributing to this community.

I am content and married to the same patient guy for 23 years.

Many years ago I earned a BA with a concentration in Psychology, Sociology (looks like I am interested in people, right?Smile I also had courses in Marketing, Management, Advertising, Feature Writing,

Welcome to Frihost msphoto. I've seen a lot of the oil leak on the news, looks pretty bad. (BTW: We got a topic about the oil leak).

Are you looking to put up your photos on a personal website that you're going to build here?
Dang, I keep almost finishing a reply then do something spastic to lose my copy. I hope to finish this one Rolling Eyes . Thank you, Adri and Mexwithacan for acknowledging my posts .

Do we also earn points and post #s if we use the blog? Or, is the purpose to post in the forums? How does Frihost make money by giving away free websites that we can use for our own affiliate ads?

Before I make any plans for the websites, I need to earn them first, then see if I can handle them techically.

Yes, I will do something with photos, I am not sure if it will be here. I am trying to tie together a site for selling prints, and then go with a couple of themes and offer T's, visors, frisbees--anything imprinted that would work with the theme. Similar to Cafe Press/Zazzle.

I also have a PSA goal. I abhor litter. I purchased: (Pals standing for people against a littered state). I regularly pick up litter at the beach. I figure if I can get a few people to get the idea, the world wil be a better place. I hope to get some corporate sponsors to pass out some buttons and rubber bracelets to children and adults. I think it will help make a difference. Of course we have Keep America Beautiful, but I feel that people need a more constant reminder.
I like the PSA idea of reminding people to pick up after themselves. In the city, I frequently find random trash like Dunkin Donuts cups and old newspapers along the streets I walk. I usually will pick up the really large and bothersome pieces and dump them in the nearest trash bin, hoping that others will follow suit.

I'll say that I definitely do not pick up every piece of trash I see. That would be a full-time job with lots of overtime requirements. But I'd like to think that I'm being a considerate member of my local communities.

Good luck with your efforts!
I'm not sure Frihost exists as a for-profit entity. It certainly doesn't feel that way.

With regards to getting points, I think the only way to earn them is to post in the forums on boards where points are enabled. You may want to take a look at the "Points/FRIH$ FAQ" thread for some more information.
Well-PALS, I quickly earned my points and enjoyed doing it. Now I have been granted website privileges and know nothing and can't afford to pay someone to set up.

I have the PALS-Pick-UP. info url and will likely set up one of those web stores. I believe there are people like us all over the world. Would we be willing to wear a button? Maybe a visor or T-shirt when appropriate. How about giving rubber bracelets or wooden nickels to those we catch in the act? Including kids?

Maybe make a deal with some local sponsors to redeem X# of for treats? This will take more work than just web site. I think I need more planning...

PALS-Pick-Up will be a legacy I leave behind.
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