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Digital Illustration

Here's some artwork I've done:

This one's a personal work that was originally produced for a competition. It has since been completely reworked to fix a lot of the things that were wrong with it, such a the perspective.

This was produced for a CD cover. The brief was pretty vague, other than it was to be pretty abstract.

This was a movie poster I produced for an indie UK film.

There are plenty more. I'll post those later if anyone's interested.
Ghost Rider103
Very nice stuff!

On the first one, I just don't like the red flags. They draw way too much attention to them as they are just too bright for the setting. The sky also doesn't really seem to fit the setting either.

Other than that it's pretty good.

I checked out your website, you have some nice illustrations on there as well.

Keep up the good work.
your illustrations are pretty good.

In the first one with the giant alien ant, I thought that the flag is supposed to cover the markings on the wall, not show it, but then I realised its your signature site on it, and the rest of the image looks very good.

I love the second one also.

The 3rd one I guess its a movie poster, and to me it didnt appeal at all.

But good going.
That first image is really great, you made it in Photoshop?

I hope to learn to make art in Photoshop as it looks much more real than making the Illustrator style art I usually make.

The Cd cover is nice as well looks quite interesting, what is the name of the band it is for?

The movie poster is kinda interesting but then it seems kinda plain at the same time, not bad though.
Wow that is great, did you use photoshop or painter for the first one?
Nice pictures... Razz
Surprised that is great!!
Very nice artwork!
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