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How do you relieve stress after work?

Feeling stressed lately.... after long hours at work... so how do you normally de-stress yourself after a long day of work?? Do share..I''ve tried Yoga and it does not help me. Instead I sprained a muscle
I listen to really good music, where I actually get so much into it, that I follow the notes. One can probably call it a kind of meditation, by focussing on something completely different, but intensely so. More often than not I find myself drifting off, but then when I snap out of it, I usually feel much refreshed, and can carry on for a number of hours before end of evening.

So if you have a hobby that can completely distract you, this could perhaps help you focus completely away from that which stresses you.
Doing something very physical usually helps relieve stress to a great degree. I sometimes go to the gym or surf after a hard day's work.
What do you like to do? Do you have any hobbies outside of watching television?

It probably depends on the kind of stress you're feeling. Are you angry/frustrated or are you just overworked?

If you're overworked, then try a bubble bath. I'm guessing by your nickname "tinajacobs" that you're female, in which case you may enjoy going to a spa and pampering yourself with an hour-long session there. Maybe when the weather's nice, you can just go to a park and lie on the grass there, staring at the sky.

If you're angry or frustrated at someone, try writing down your thoughts in a blog, journal or personal diary. Composing it as a letter that you may or may not send to that person could also help. Like rogue_skydragon said, physical exertion can help too; I sometimes wish I had a punching bag at home.

One thing that works for me personally is to get in my car, hop on the nearest highway and drive around aimlessly while singing my heart out with some of my favorite songs:
  • O.A.R. - Shattered
  • Hoobastank - Without a Fight
  • Billy Joel - Piano Man
  • Good Charlotte - The Anthem
  • System of a Down - Chop Suey!
Sometimes after a really really stressful day at work, I don't feel like doing anything, except watch movies, but I force myself to go to the gym, after which I feel refreshed. And sometimes I tinker with my guitar, as well.

I think yoga is a good move, but perhaps you did the wrong move at to early a stage.
Try beginner yoga for the moment.
Taking small walks is also a good stress reliever.
i listen to music, watch a nice movie or just relax in my bed with a book or just relaxing. its a great way to rewind and to relax the body and brain.
work out, bath, dinner and sleep =D
Read a book, feed the ducks, play a video game, sleep, have a beer, work in the garden, make love.
i often play sports and drink beer to relieve stress
immediately i get home i take a bath or a shower and then relax with a cold drink with a book or put in a cool movie or music, or simply rest my eyes, it helps to relieve the stress, i believe anything that is not so stressful as the day's work.
An ice cold beer and some music usually helps me relax after a hard day's work. A cold shower also helps if you've been working in the sun all day.
kill zombies and listen to hip hop, too bad these days I don't have a job though.
Depends on what type of person you are. When I had a job I would mostly read/listen to music/play games. However, since I quit my job I relax by exercising, drinking beer and smoking legal pot to music.

You should try something like Yoga. Don't be scared away that many soccer moms practice it, but I've heard wonders about it.
It probably requires a total reversal of attitude not to take work to home. First of all not to take it that seriously. Create other fun things in addition to work. See the work portion as a means to an end. Also, life is short. If there is too much wear and tear on a person's life, due to the job, perhaps one should look for a different way of earning a living?
i sat and watch my kois and feed them...that makes me stress free...sometimes, i will go for mountain biking and needs fresh air to relax my mind and as well as my eyes...
Well, I have dicovered that the best wat to relax after work is to relax..._before_ work. What I mean is too short and unique to be so stressed about somthing like work. Don;t let work ruin your health and life...take a full long weekend and think about the priorities in your life. What are they? and once you have them in order you will know when to quit something that is stressful. I don't mean you quit your job, but quit working if its after 5:00 or you have been working more than 8 hours. Take a few days of vacation here and there and go to new places, meet new people...spend time with the ones you love.

Its all in your are the one who makes yourself stressed and you are the one with the power to undo it.
Video games, Coffee, Movies, Reading, or Writing. Any of these things help me to de-stress after a long day of class, or whatever.
I usually meditate for an our or I take a long walk outside to clear my thoughts. It depends on the time of year since it gets very cold where I live in vinter. Another thing I do is to paint, creative things make me calm relieves the stress for me.
HoytJolly wrote:
play a video game , make love.

Hehe, these are my 2 favorites way but I'd like to add :
I'm often going rollerblading all over my city (with no really destination) it's kind of refreshing to see what happens around you while listening to good music.

Plus, it's a little bit physical and it seems that moving / training / playing sports is really a good way to erase stress.
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