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Now we are currently in a very busy and stressful time at my high school, here in Norway. We have just finished all music projects and regular classes, and are in the middle of a time full of exams (hence, I have unfortunately not been able to be very active on the Frihost forums lately).

In addition, we go through a period of uncertainty, because we currently experience the worst labour strike action in Norway in 30 years, so we don't know what exams we are able to have. I was actually going to have my music exam tomorrow, but that seems to be cancelled now.

Now, back to topic - I just wondered how it was like to graduate from high school for you guys. Do you have the same system as we do, with examinations or student assessments at the end of the year. And did you experience the time as stressful, with loads of work?
It's been a long time since I graduated, so my experience may be quite different from the norm in America today. I do remember that teachers normally guaranteed most seniors a passing grade a month or more before the end of school, though. I suppose some students were put on notice that their graduation was conditional, but most knew they would graduate even though they still had to work if they wanted good grades.

Your description of classes being over and then a "finals week" or whatever sounds more like my college experience. Besides the fact that more of the grade is dependent on the final exam than in my high school, it sounds like you cannot be sure (unless you've done really well) that you will be graduating on schedule until you complete your finals. That could be a cause for great anxiety, since it might affect college acceptance, etc.

Let me know how this affects you, but please wait until you have assurance that you passed before replying.
erlendhg wrote:
Now, back to topic - I just wondered how it was like to graduate from high school for you guys. Do you have the same system as we do, with examinations or student assessments at the end of the year. And did you experience the time as stressful, with loads of work?
I went through some serious exams with loads and loads of work. There was also lots of stress to do very well, so that I could get good marks for getting into University. I remember I was most relieved when the exams were over and the nice part was all the parties and a very long holiday afterwards. Felt as though I had been released from jail.
exams is something that some people fear, but when you are prepared for it you just go with the flow and write your heart out. exams is good for us, its for us to access our performance as well.
Greatking wrote:
exams is something that some people fear, but when you are prepared for it you just go with the flow and write your heart out. exams is good for us, its for us to access our performance as well.

I agree that exams can be good for us. A well-designed exam is one of the best learning experiences for me. Still, it is frightening to be unsure how well prepared I am and to know that a large portion of my grade depends on what I am able to remember and think through in the next hour or two.

I am fortunate that I am quite good at reasoning my way through an exam, and therefore usually get an exam grade above the level of my other work. If I am given a good but challenging exam, it will help me retain the material permanently. On the other hand, a poorly written exam will only require me to regurgitate facts, will measure mostly how much I crammed for it the night before, and will not reinforce memory of any of the course material.
It's even worse when you finally get to college. There, the exams are usually about three hours long, and it's both physically demanding and mentally demanding, because you have to sit in that chair for so damn long that it hurts. Take into account the fact that you'v ebeen lacking sleep for a week since you're just starting to cram everything into one final hurdle before oyu can go home all relieved and then come backa few weeks or months later to repeat the same process. C;'est la vie.
It's quite interesting to hear about your experiences with exams. I'm finally finished with school for good, and the exams went very well, though the time was quite stressful. So now it's university next Smile

Insanity wrote:
It's even worse when you finally get to college.

Well, the Norwegian school system is a bit different from the English or American system, but what I've just finished is commonly regarded as an equivalent to college (US) or senior high (UK), as the last school institution before you go to the university.

I've had both exams where you had to sit and write for as long as 5 (!) hours, and "practical" exams, where you hold a presentation and talk for about 30 minutes. But as I wrote, it went very well Smile
Congratulations erlendhg! Good news that it went so well. So will you be going to University in Norway, and what do you plan to study? Are you enrolled already?
In my country we give exam once a year and exam duration is 4 hours. And I hate this kind of exam.
Well, exams are very difficult to explain... wrote:

A test or an examination (or "exam") is an assessment, often administered on paper or on the computer, intended to measure the test-takers' or respondents' (often a student) knowledge, skills, aptitudes, or classification in many other topics (e.g., beliefs). Students are often allowed to bring reference books especially in the teaching fields of Mathematics, English and I.T, whether it be VCE or Tertiary education. Tests are often used in education, professional certification, counseling, psychology (e.g., MMPI), the military, and many other fields. The measurement that is the goal of testing is called a test score, and is "a summary of the evidence contained in an examinee's responses to the items of a test that are related to the construct or constructs being measured."[1] Test scores are interpreted with regards to a norm or criterion, or occasionally both. The norm may be established independently, or by statistical analysis of a large number of subjects.

A standardized test is one that is administered and scored in a consistent matter to ensure legal defensibility.[2] A large proportion of formal testing is standardized. A standardized test with important consequences for the individual examinee is referred to as a high stakes test.

The basic component of a test is an item, which are stored in an item bank. Items are often colloquially referred to as "questions," but not every item is phrased as a question; it may be such things as a true/false statement or a task that must be performed (if a performance test).

Helios' note: use quote tags and/or state your source. You get a warning.

To me exams help m, but I like exams in blackboard.
its been about 2 years since i had to study for an exam...... i remember spending HOURS studying and doing homework.... and now I have just about forgotten it all Smile
exams is good for us indeed, its a way to access our selves in performance, as well as enable us to see which areas we fall short and then work on them.
I enjoy learning and usually do well with research projects, but have never liked exams. I must say however, once they are over, and one gets the results, usually there is one enormous relief that it is over.
exams will do really good for you... to test if you really understand well the lessons...
Exams are one of the many thing which i really hate. I just hate exams as it sucks our life. I dont know who have discovered the "Exam".
For me exams are very much important. Really, most human beings are lazy to read in free time. Exams force them and me too to study with some intention. Exams oxygenate me to study and could read more than other time. Exams makes us read with concentrated mind so its very important for me.
stress is exit can not avoided it but face it. when i am a high school students, i both afraid to join the exam because my score is not good and every time i have exam i would feel my heart beats in double time so i couldn't calm down .
what should we do just keep a normal heart and try to adapt it.
when i am in high school, my score is bad. however, i work very hard .when other classmates are playing ,i am study,i make full use of anytime but the score always bad. how sad i am, do you know the feeling? but i am insisted in until graduated.
and i think has stress is nature.
but we should know the life has ups and downs, we should face it bravely.
I remember i studied late at night when i was doing my grad, right before the day of the exam.Lot of tension and it did seem a little scary. What i gonna do if some tricky question comes, how better can i perform. lol Well it would not go too bad Razz
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