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Frihost search using old data: Feb and earlier!

Searches seem to show old data, Feb or earlier. To confirm this, I did a search for the exact phrase "global warming":

which yielded data starting with:

Results 1-100 of about 344 for global warming (0.002 seconds)
Advice for the IPCC climate change panel, from a contributor - [In Politics on 2 February 2010]
"The IPCC is, unfortunately, a highly political organisation with most of the secretariat bordering on climate advocacy. "It needs to develop a more balanced and indeed scientifically sceptical behaviour pattern. The organisation tend to select the most negative studies ignoring more positive alternatives." Accuracy of report ...

Should 9/11 Trials be heard in Civilian or Military Courts? - [In Politics on 5 February 2010]
Wrong. It is entirely irrational. Calculate how many US citizens have been killed by terrorists. Calculate the potential odds based on that. You end up with a risk so insignificant that you can barely actually fit the number of zeros on the calculator. EVEN if you imagine terrorists blowing up 1 US plane per week, killing everyone on board - in f ...

cop 15 - [In Discuss World News on 18 January 2010]
Which global warming dooms day prediction hoax are you talking about?

I did a google search for similar data:

and got some more recent results:

How much % of ALL profits are charities actually getting?
May 8, 2010 - Apocalypse Now? Global Warming Hotspots Question bags under your eyes The Bible Is Useful, Even For Athiests When Jesus was born. ...
With White House Push, U.S. Arms Sales Jump
4 days ago - Things only a Republican could believe At what point can the US trillions of debt be called in? Dem's Global Warming Debacle Frankfurt Motor Show, 2005 ...
4 days ago - "global warming" questions... please share your an Few questions My site and Questions about it Ashens Web Design Questions Thread ...
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill could be worse than Exxon Valdez?
4 days ago - Dem's Global Warming Debacle 2010 predictions Dells The Unofficial Jokes Thread Error on posting Nick Hornby. ...

I'm guessing this is using an old copy of the database, which may be desirable for the sake of efficiency. If so, it appears that no new copy has been made since February. Perhaps a cron job can be run once a day or so, and maybe somewhere it would identify the date and time the copy was made.
Indeed, I forgot to update it for quite a while. I updated it now. Took 44 seconds to update the whole database. Very Happy

The reason why I don't let it be updated by a cron job is because I'm afraid that it crashes mysql or the frihost database. If that would happen at least I would notice it immediately when done manually. However I'm not sure if this is still needed with the new and faster server. Maybe I'll make it a cron job.
Thanks, bondings, for your prompt attention to this. I understand your reluctance to automate it. I used to be very careful what scripts I ran overnight because I hated those occasional seven AM calls saying "help -- the computer isn't working!".

Perhaps you can find a schedule when the system is not usually very busy and there's usually at least one moderator on within the next hour or two. A once-a-week update would be adequate, although it appears both the copy and the search are quite efficient enough to do it daily and encourage the use of the search.

Back in the day of 300 baud modems, I used to whistle at my computer sometimes. I was able to get the modem to whistle back, but more importantly I was able to keep the connection active until the computer replied and proved to me it was still running. Sometimes I think progress has taken away too much of the fun of being a computer geek.
I'll probably automate it. I don't think it is likely to crash the mysql database and if it crashes itself it isn't a big problem. One day downtime for the search isn't that bad.

By the way, can you elaborate about the whistling story? It seems quite interesting. Very Happy
Wow! Now I understand why search did not come up with current hits for "BP" or "oil spill" two days ago. I was looking for the second current thread as there was a link in it that I wanted to refer back to and could not find it. I've just tried it now, and both threads are in the list of links, so it is working perfectly now.

Would there be any benefit of having an automatic date along "Last edited" lines?
I have automated the indexing now. I put a cronjob every 4 hours, I don't think it needs to be more often.

@deanhills, I'm not sure what you meant.
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