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Art of water colour PAINTING

Paintnig is a mode of expressing our thoughts and it can be bring out in different forms.Water colour painting is a mode and I am going to discuss the various ways of creating such painting.This type of paintng is done on white paper and the quality of water colour varies from paper to paper.The different types of paper on which this painting is carried out are chart paper,Handmade paper and cartidge paper.In this painting three tones are applied-1st tone,2nd tone and 3rd tone. The 1st tone is usually the lighter tone and the next tones are applied depending on the light and shade effects.The one who can master the knowledge of applying tones can create wonders in this field.The only difficulty with this paper is that we cant erase the paper for more than one time as it will lose its effect.
I like applying water colours in handmade paper as the effect is better as compared to other papers.Before applying colours on handmade paper we need to wet the paper and then the 1st tone is given before the paper gets dry.The 2nd and 3rd tone are applied after that.You will be finding a water effect at the end and so if you want to bring out a rain picture so better go with this paper.
In papers like cartidge we will be getting a differnt result and this paper is more costly than the other two papers.This paper is better for still paintings and portraits.
I like to spend some quality time with my water colours and brushes as it helps me to forget the frenetic activities of my life.
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