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President Barack Obama And Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is due to give a performance at a concert that is supposed to be held for the U.S. President Barack Obama in the coming month. This will be scheduled for when he will be visiting the White House in order to receive a prize. President Obama and his wife named Michelle Obama are going to be hosting this ex Beatle band member on the 2nd of June. President Obama is going to be presenting him with the prestigious third Gershwin Prize for the most Popular Song.
Paul McCartney had begun penning lyrics when John Lennon's son named Julian had been depressed over his parents' separation. McCartney had later on told the media that he had not been very sure of the line that had stated "the movement you need is on your shoulder," but had just included it in the song because Lennon believed it to be great. McCartney also let on that he becomes quite emotional even now when he plays the respective song live at times.
On the 1st of July the talented Kevin Spacey is due to host a birthday celebration that will be titled as The Old Vic, and will play at a theater that is located just on the southeast of Waterloo Station situated in London. This event is also going to double as a fundraising event that is going to feature a special performance that will be given by Paul McCartney and also a live art auction that is going to be hosted by Oliver Barker, who is the senior director at Sotheby’s.
There is a glass case that is situated on the desk that lies in Sir Paul McCartney's office, on it lie a pair of glasses in glass itself that are said to have belonged to the surrealist painter named Rene Magritte. How did Sir Paul get them? Well they had been gifted to him by his late wife named Linda. She had come across them at a sale that had been done by Magritte's widow named Georgette. The reason behind them being under glass is that according to Sir Paul himself he had accidently broken them once when e had been playing around with them. And then he had thought to himself that he shouldn't be breaking Magritte's spectacles! He is a fan of Magritte and his work.
A recent attempt has been made by Barry Lenser to profile almost every song that has ever been performed by the legendary pop band the Beatles into a chain of Sound Affects in the recent year, I feel like doing the same. Hence I have taken the decision to cover the solo work that has been done by this equally talented singer and member of the Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney. One song that struck me in particular had been a song titled “The Lovely Linda” which had been the opening track from McCartney’s debut solo album that had been self titled as McCartney.
The respected music album had managed to make it to the number one spot and had been declared double platinum in the United States. To date it is amongst the most remembered and the most celebrated albums of all times owing to the controversy behind it.Get your cheap paul mccartney tickets before they sold out.
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