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world cup 2010

It is almost 17 juni and then the world cup starts.

So who do you think will be the champion of the world cup 2010??

I think Holland will have a chance to win finally a world cup this time, because they have piece for piece attackers who play in the greatest leagues as the Primera Division, the Premier league and the serie A.

But also two title favorites are Spain and Brazil I guess. So it won't be easy for Holland but it is possible, isnt it?
Well, besides Spain, Brazil, etc. there are so many good times its hard to say ... Holland, Germany, Argentina, England, Portugal, France, etc. And don't discount the likes of Ivory Coast, Italy, etc. It will be very interesting indeed.

I have a feeling though that this year's semi-finalists will be: England, Spain, Argentina and Ivory Coast (let's see ...)

It's anyone's game!
Spain to win

Outsiders Holland

What will actually happen is Brazil will play Italy and win in the final

England will lose in the Semi Finals after winning the game easy

Holland will argue with each other and get themselves knocked out of the competition

France will sneak up and win 3rd place from nowwhere

And Spain will get knocked out in quarters by someone 2nd rate

Now in my defence the above looks like every other world cup so far...
portugal will win i think, they have quality player in every side
I think Germany or Argentina have the best shots.
I support both Holland and Spain. They have a lot of flair players, and pretty exciting to watch. Actually I don't particularly support the same team in each world cup, i just see the players and playing style that I like in that tournament, and support them.
My favourite is Argentina. Their forward is superb, midfield is also good. And their is Maradona. Being a coach he will do a superwork. All the pressure on the team he is taking in his own shoulder. Players can play freelly without any hazards.
Well the way first match is going this world cup is going to be interesting!
Well, South Africa stunned us all with that performance yesterday and so did France (with their abysmal display of course Mad ).

I'm looking forward to seeing England and Argentina in action today.

Two draws in Group A - that leaves it wide open!
My favourite is England and Brasil.
I didn't follow the USA vs England game yesterday, I was busy Sad. Anyone know who won?
As Sweden is not in the game I'd say I cheer for denmark or spain maybe...

And I must say I hate the noise the audience is making! You can barely hear the commentators when watching the games!
Aredon wrote:
I didn't follow the USA vs England game yesterday, I was busy Sad. Anyone know who won?

Well, you could have searched on Google. Wink

Anyway, here are my comments on England V. USA:
- England lacked the finishing touch (and honestly, I was quite befuddled by Capello's tactics - first of all, I wouldn't have put Robert Green in goal, secondly, I wouldn't have started James Milner - what a waste of a substitution anyway! and finally, I don't understand why Capello loves Emile Heskey so much !)
- According to me, although England deserved the win, this result opens the group up!

And as far as Germany are concerned, there's no stopping them (although the Cahill sending off was harsh!) Looking forward to watching more German class ...

And can't wait to see Spain in actioN!
Well, the shocks just seem to keep dazzling us!

First, Spain lose to Switzerland . Then Mexico destroy France . Then England draw with Algeria . Finally, the latest is that Italy have drawn with New Zealand .

This seems to be the most interesting World Cup in years! Very Happy
Mrs Lycos
So far the candidates that are up to the expectations are Argentina, Brazil and Holland.
Shockingly, Spain lose their first game, Italy two draws, France almost out, England two draws too, South Africa poor too. And Germany starting very well, end up losing their second.
Interesting cup indeed!
Well, groups A and B were decided yesterday. No surprise Argentina went through. And the Americas seem to be dominating - Uruguay, Mexico! And South Korea made it through as well. Bad luck for Greece and Nigeria (who missed a horde of chances!). South Africa - the hosts are out as well and, probably the surprise - France finished last in their group.

Look forward to the upcoming games! Very Happy
I'm not following all the games...lack of time...but the world cup is the only time I like to actually watch soccer...and I suddenly seem to understand all the rules!

I'm from I want argentina to win!
That US-Algeria game was a great finish. Just out of curiousity, does anyone else from other countries think the US has gotten bad calls on offsides? Both the Algeria and Slovenia game had terrible calls on goals that eventually got reversed.

And don't get me started at that handball in the Brazil - Ivory Coast match.
gverutes wrote:
That US-Algeria game was a great finish. Just out of curiousity, does anyone else from other countries think the US has gotten bad calls on offsides? Both the Algeria and Slovenia game had terrible calls on goals that eventually got reversed.

And don't get me started at that handball in the Brazil - Ivory Coast match.

And to add to that ... the increasing number of extremely HARSH red cards, Cahill, Kaka, Klose, Behrami etc. Yup, this world cup has been far from perfect.
It is very early to say who win the world cup. Because everything can happen in knock out stage. But still I vote for Argentina for two reasons: one their skillfull football and another one the presence of Maradona.
Maradona take all the pressure from his players in his own shoulder. If Argentina win this world cup nobody will give credit to him but if they fails everybody's target will be maradona, nobody tell anything towards footballers. So they are playing very freelly. Beside Maradona is a great motivator. He continouslly motivating his team. There was a lot of skillful players in the team: Mesi, Tevez, Veron, Mascheranao, Rodriguez. Striker like Higueta, Milito, Palermo. They are playing like a team. So I go for Argentina
Old rivals England vs Germany today...

Do any of you guys have any predictions???

I am English... So I have HOPE... Bring on Argentina and Spain I say...
Today was a messy day... two referee's errors take part in both games.
It was a shame for England, they deserved that goal... but anyway, England made a terrible World Cup, so I don't regret the loss..

And for Mexico, well, I'm quite happy... I don't like their team... and some players are arrogant...
Poor performance by the 3Lions... SHOCKING!

Bring on Euro 2012
Well, the Quarter Finals are all set to dazzle us.

Brazil Holland - the pick of the games for me. I can't wait to see these two colossi have a go at each other.
Argentina Germany - who thought 2006 would repeat itself for Argentina? First Mexico, then Germany. Both sides in even better form this time !
Uruguay Ghana - Africa's hope versus Diego Forlan's boys; although not many big names here I assure a feisty affair
Paraguay Spain - there are no easy games in the world cup; particularly at this level, Spain learned that against Switzerland; they're looking good now but will they make the same mistake twice?

I can't wait! Very Happy
brazil changes a lot this time,not beautiful attack any more....i like germany and argentina this time.
brazils backline is useless
my favorite team holand.
haha... after tonight... its going to be Holland vs Germany, I'm sure!
Man, I thank God for being uruguayan
What a great game we did... and we still loss...
Holland Spain ... what a mouthwatering final!!!

I must say I favour the Dutch though ... they're the only side left unbeaten in the tournament. It'll be a close encounter though!!!

I guess it's sad to see Germany go out but hey, they were truly second best on the night Rolling Eyes
Its a tough one to call... I think Holland... or maybe Spain... I JUST DONT KNOW!
Cheering for the Netherlands! Smile
I'd like the Oranje to be champion this year... It's a shame the way we loss the lasta match (Uruguay vs Netherlands)
I'm going to go against the octopus... I am going for Holland... COME ON SPAIN!
Mrs Lycos
Well Spain got it well deserved!! Cheers for Spain and their first World Champinship!

And well deserved because of the way Holland played - that 's absolutely dirty play. The fouls were BIG and the referee didn't ever have the courage to show a red card - until the end- and so the match was awful. The kick on the chest was enough to send the Holland player out three or four times...


The referee was too afraid of expelling a player and unbalance the game, that he made a fool of himself and the situations got out of his hands- he lost the players' respect and it actually favoured Holland's gameplay. Fortunately, Spain could still get that beautiful gameplay of theirs, and with that they could defeat Holland in the end.

Congratulations Spain!
Absolutely spot on. Although the Dutch had a 100% win record until now, they were indeed second best on the night and in fact, I would say, they were a bit too negative ...

Anyway, congratulations Spain for the WORLD CUP and the Fair Play Award, and Iker for the Golden Glove ... Very Happy
I cannot wait until the next world cup. I really hope that Sweden will be in it this time!!!
the world cup was great welcome ideal to african but it is so painful that no african country was able to make it to the final... well african you can still make it again.
Well yea... but Europe is the home of all the best football teams, that's just the way it is Very Happy
Finally we won!!!
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