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How to overburn a CD with Nero?

Start Nero Cool

From the action-bar select File and select Preferences.

In the Preferences window, select Expert Features(1) and check the Enable overburn disc-at-once(2).

Choose a Maximum CD Length(3) and click OK(4) (*82:59:59 is the maximum value I suggest, but as you can see from the screen capture above I have set mine significantly higher. The reason is because I frequently use 99min 850 MB CD media).

For a more accurate test you can use a nero tool called nero speed test to see how much a specific CD is capable of being overburned . get it here

From the action-bar select File and select Write CD.

A window will appear when you have exceeded expected length, click OK to start the overburn copy.

Remember to set disk to burn Disc at Once, you cannot overburn in Track at Once Mode.
I only know how to rip DVD to mp4 format for my iphone! try Aimersoft DVD Ripper!
Can anyone tell me how to take an image of a DVD easily..?? I have a DVD of some files and i need to take an image of this DVD and write it onto another DVD.. How can i do that..??

Is it possible to do this in Nero..? Or should i use any other software..If then please suggest some other softwares..??
I tried the overburn feature with Nero a long time ago, but it didnt work at the time.

I didnt do the speedtest, but will try it soon.

Thanks for the tip.
Nero CD Speed comes with tools to implement, use extra / overburn for testing, usually long and 700M CD overburning 89:57.74,800 M CD-ROM can be carved into the ultra-99: 57.74. Maximize the size of the action depends not only on CD burners, but also depends on the quality of the disc, so that each change to a different manufacturer or model of the disc, super-cut before entering the first round.
nivinjoy: These is a tool to create an image of a disk on nero. Look out for that.
metalfreek wrote:
nivinjoy: These is a tool to create an image of a disk on nero. Look out for that.

Can you be some more clear..??
imgburn is an awesome program for this. It's free and works well with all cds, dvds and whatever you want to do with it Wink
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