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Website design (need tips!)

Well I'm making a site for someone, and this is what I came up with.
It had to be some kind of mix between business and personal, and this is what I came up with.
If anyone has any tips on things i should change please tell me Smile.
first u can use some free templates from google... and u can refer the codes used...
it looks like a standard layout to me. not very exciting/inspiring, but if its for business then i guess thats ok. colours are a bit sickly imo tho, like a cross between poo and vomit, but thats just personal opinion.
I'm gonna add a background pattern and artwork eventually but this was just for shape and main colors Smile
I'll try different color schemes though

here's the new version:
still haven't experimented with the colors though, but I'll get to that Smile
its hard to shire tips on this template first u need to download a free template. And u can easily edit codes which u want. This idea is perfect for you. Wink
As Tamilparks told try some free web templates, betteer go for css or even you can use some content anagement (CMS) softwares for your school site. (i.e. joomla)

well the css isn't really a problem, neither is the cms,
basically what i needed was tips on how to design a clean looking template, getting it to work with a cms wasn't the biggest issue Smile
topic was more about graphics design than actually coding the template.

actually i still need tips on how to create good looking layout, more like the theory etc on how to place boxes.

p.s this one was done in gimp wich is why it sucked.
p.p.s check out my other topic, i got some new layouts there (but they aren't for school, i got that one covered already Very Happy), those are in photoshop Smile
not really sure what you are after. it entirely depends what you want to display to the user. its all well and good us saying you need more boxes and stuff, but if you dont have anything relevant to be displayed there is no point in having said boxes.

i dont understand what you mean by "tips on design"

design is entirely personnal, you design it how you want it to look. if you are after knowlege on how to actually CODE the website that is different entirely and you have worded your questions wrongly.
It is difficult to really see, as you made a png scan of it, but what there is looks great to me. If your objective is clean looking, then you have reached it. Well done! The colours are also well chosen and both simple and eye catching. Only modification could be to make the font darker so that it can contrast better, and perhaps have a white instead of a tinted background. I won't make the font black, but maybe a very dark brown.
I see a great improvement with the simple pattern you added later on. You can add subtle details like that everywhere and it will look better Smile
improvment ftw, good job
meep wrote:
Well I'm making a site for someone, and this is what I came up with.
It had to be some kind of mix between business and personal, and this is what I came up with.
If anyone has any tips on things i should change please tell me Smile.

I like XsitePro 2 for building small business websites but it's not free. If you're looking for some free options you might want to try Kompozer or Coffee Cup as listed above.

custom logo design
i don't prefer to use any ready-made templates!
because some days ago i was trying to create a website for my affiliate marketing and it was my first site. i was very confused about how to do changes in ready-made free was looking like a big hurdle in my way to affiliate marketing!
then i got a you tube link. [youtube][/youtube]
it is a 30 min video tutorial to create a web page with some basic HTMLs as well as Css.
for back ground colors you can go with this site.
this sitet is free and has a vast variety of colors shades name and code. you can pick the code of your desired color easily.this site can help you in every type of coding, and in making changes in tamplates.

This is my first web page that I have created with the help of the above mentioned YouTube tutorial and the website.
I think its lacking visual elements, what is the site about, what the person want to achive personally/professionally maybe you can integrate some image related to that in the layout, maybe you could use diferent background, or a gradient?

althought i found the placement of the logo weird, i think that might just work. still i find difficult to design a good website without the logo or the stlightest idea of what the logo would be/the person would what the logo to be
The Template You have came up so far seems to be very simple and truely lacks visual elements.
Websites are something to make user attracted to itself.
Well,I would say go to google and search out for some really good,eye-catching templates.
Then carry on your work on it n then am sure u'll come up with something very good. Laughing
the template you currently have is quite simple! are you the designer or the coder?
If u intend to make a site which highlights also the business side, i would suggest you to rethink about a change in the template design.. I feel this design is not much relevant enough to give the website a business feel..

You can try to get some free templates or some premium templates (if you are getting paid for this).. The color seems to be OK..but a bit odd. I would prefer a light color if you are going for a business style website. Preferably white or light blue color would do.

The template which you have given in the image seems to be very simple and rather making it more complicated i feel you should reconsider placing the LOGO thing somewhere else..

These are just some suggestions and feel free to comment if you have any objections..
Judging by the date and possibility that a client was waiting for this, I presume you've already finished and signed off on it so I'll spare you my lengthy autocratic judgment. I agree with most of what has been said already. My opinion was that it was flirting with a retro feel and yet didn't go all the way to being that, just as I said, sort of flirted with the idea. If not, then those oranges and browns make me wanna eat some biscuits and drink some OJ. So for a business site, maybe I'd sterilize it a bit. Tone down the Austin Powersness of it and lend some integrity to it. These things can never be too cold and banal looking. Not since facebook anyway (which is apparently the friendliest website in the world and looks like a hospital site). So you're not alone in peculiar colour scheme decisions, but those oranges wanna party. The client probably doesn't (imo) but props on making it concise and it looks easy to navigate. And good looks on not putting the cliche stock image of some ethnically diverse smug ****** in business suits cheering behind a laptop. I really hate that stuff. Confused
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