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Science vs. Pre-Med

I plan to attend college soon and I'm having trouble deciding which major I should choose. I plan to be in the medical field after 4-year college, so med school in the future. This leads me to believe that I should major in pre-med. Makes sense, right? Well I recently read that some students tend to major in a science, such a biology or chemistry, to stand out among the thousands of other applications to med school.

So I was wondering, do any of you have any advice on which major I should choose? I'm starting to lean more towards a science major, but even then I can decide between biology and chemistry, or maybe some out-of-the-box science that will really be unique. Any help would be great.
One of my best friends made it through college and into USC med school, gaining a lot of experience and insight regarding the process.

You're probably right that not majoring in pre-med is a good start. As far as selecting a major, pick something that you like and will hopefully enjoy studying. To decide between biology and chemistry, order your textbooks to your intro classes early and browse the contents of each book. Look at the content and assignments and see which book has the stuff that's more interesting to you.

The key to getting into med school is demonstrating leadership and interest in the medical field through your extra-curricular activities. Basically, be active in student organizations and do some work in or with medical professionals.

That may get you started.
Since you are going to do a an undergraduate degree in science with the objective of qualifying for medical school, and want to do good at it, I would choose a major that I like the most, and that I can do the best in. A double major may also be to your advantage, doing both biology and chemistry.
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