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your no1 stress fighter!!

you already know how handy breathing is for things like,oh,staying alive. so easy!inhale, thinking required.trouble is,in today's stress-laced world, our natural,belly-based breathing morphs into a shallow,chest-based approximation that keeps us alive but hardly in optimal health.such inefficient breathing leads to fatigue, poor immune response and other goings-on.yet the right respiration can improve fitness,ease stress and boost energy.the best news of all:better breathing doesn't require retreating to an ashram or doing heavy meditation -everyday is ripe with chances for breathing tune-ups.the first trick, an easy one is to override your autopilot and think consciously about how you breathe. got control of your O2? use it to:

1) get a better workout.if you do explosive workouts like kickboxing,studies show you'll hike the energy and force of your movement (and thus zap more calories) if you use sound as you exhale.for more sustained aerobic activities like biking and running,it's better to breathe in cycles(inhale for three strides,exhale for three), to provide the steady oxygenation your muscles need to keep going.

2)deal with many times have you caught yourself exclaiming.breathing's a metaphor for something we all could use more of:some space in our lives-space to catch up with ourselves, to regroup, to metabolize whatever we've been going through so we can know how we feel and what to do next.
I'm a little confused about what this topic is about....are you interested in knowing how we heal with stress or just trying to post your advice on it and want our opinions on it? I don't I guess I'll tell you how I deal with it:

It helps me a lot to clean my room/whatever area I'm living in so that I feel like nothing is cluttered and I can breathe. Then, I also make lists of stuff so that I don't feel overwhelmed with everything I have to do just floating loosely in my brain and so that I don't life in fear of forgetting something. It helps me to look at a list with just everything on there.

Lastly, watching TV shows in my room alone and taking baths are also two stress-relievers for me. And yes, sometimes I try to control my breathing/do breathing exercises but I feel as if that doesn't work as often or as well.
one of the stress releases i know are sleep, a walk on the beach or in a park or on a quite street. i know watching television can also release stress especially comedy.
Cinema or tennis.
sleep xP
After long hours in front of the pc, I always get up and grab something to eat or drink. If that doesn't work, I sleep.
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