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F.E.A.R is Fun
 92%  [ 12 ]
 7%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 13

Who of you played F.E.A.R
and what did you think of it
never heard of it

What does it mean and what console is it on?
It's scary!!!
But it's a good game, haven't played it to much tho'.
Yea great game But it bogs down my comptuer like no other. I'm running a P4 2.8 HT with ati 9500 128mb and a gig of ram. Yikes. But hey if you have a killer computer i think it should be a must have. Maybe i will update my graphics card and try it again. Does anyone else have a fast computer that tried it and it bogs down?
I love FEAR, but when i play the Trail version it's almost that my computer breaks apart^^
But to christmas I'm gonna have a new computer and then I will play Fear 24/7 Very Happy
FEAR is not fun, it's worse than that, it's horrible and scary!!
i loved the demo, really good graphics, physic..
it looks like fps has its new god!
really goood flash site altough i didnt play the game cause of the radeon 9000 ( lol such a shame )
Twikki wrote:
never heard of it

What does it mean and what console is it on?

Same - also i know you from somewhere else o.0?
i've seen the trailer of the game and i think it's really awesome! reminds me of the old DOOM days... heheheh!

i still haven't played the demo but i'm very much looking forward to this game... Cool
Well i think im the only one here that has finished the game?
for the grafic card, i have a 9600 se radeon and it runs fine on it, with somewhat medium details and low detail runs as fast as hell.
when i played the demo i seemed to like more tha game though, in my openion its a game worth playen but not worth buying because:
* its much similar to doom 3 with less abilities
* nearly all the game u do the same things
* the story is not so interesting as in other games
thats y i won't buy it
then the good things it got that are worth playing are:
* the fear factor in it, the first part aren't that scary but the last bit it is, who playes the last part knows what im saying.
* then the way u kill others its somewhat different, its not bad but different (personally, i like it)
* it has cool grafics and effects
* and a good thing that it has is that u can slow the time during the game to get past some difficult situations.

I didn't try the game online though but if i got to choose which game i got to buy between doom 3 and fear i defenetly choose doom 3 (its more original and its not doing the same thing all the game as much as fear.

well i was lucky i borrowed it but it was worth playing.
F.E.A.R is the best sci-fi FPS game i played in my life. Who ever doesnt say that F.E.A.R is good , then he doesnt know what a good game is.
I played the game and found it fun. Then I saw my friend play it on his powerhouse system and i'll tell you this much. Unless you have a good system, you are missing out on at least 50% of the scary portion of the action. From video to sound card, this game rocks on a millionare system...
I've already finished this game two or three times! It's really good! You can read my opinion in one of the topics about this game in the forum!
Ivory Keys
I still haven't played the game, though I defenitly want to!

I'm a mac and haven't checked if it's out for Macs but I'll find out. And when it IS available, I'll buy/download whatever it Twisted Evil
Heh... I'm getting it on the 25th Laughing
F.E.A.R is a very good game but like all the top games...on my PC doesn't work...Sad . I've played F.E.A.R at dome friends and it;s very good at graphics and the sound is great. I can't say it is a violent game -- it is just a game so u don't act in reality like u do in games -- so it's a fun & relaxing Smile
I remember seeing DOOM 3 and thinking to myself "wow how could it get more real"

Then FEAR came around and it pretty much made doom look like elastomania (fun game too). I wish my computer has the power to run it, untill then i just gotta gawk at my friends computers and play battlefield on mine Smile
FriBogdan wrote:
F.E.A.R is a very good game but like all the top games...on my PC doesn't work...Sad .

Maybe new hardware and drivers will help you? Wink
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