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virtualize your windows?

So I have a HP tx2500 laptop , see
except I have upgraded the memory to 4GB and stuck in a different wi-fi card.

The plan is to install ubuntu 10.4 LTS 64-bit, then run Win 7 Ultimate (x32) in a virtual machine, aswell as a couple other guest OSs (depending on need).

We've done it in work with triple core AMD Phenom (i think) and it worked like a charm, Windows actually ran better than when installed as the main OS. It's probably to the way ubuntu manages data & processing. The only concerns I have are the drivers, since the laptop that it is.

What do you guys think of this little project? =]
The-Nisk wrote:
Windows actually ran better than when installed as the main OS.

I very much doubt that.

It's not possible unless Windows were optimized (designed) for Virtual environments rather than actual hardware, which isn't the case.
Or, virtualization actually added some performance over native hardware, which also isn't the case.

The-Nisk wrote:
It's probably to the way ubuntu manages data & processing.

That is a very common, and often unfounded belief.
Windows is just as good at "managing data & processing" as Linux, if not better.

I'm sure you can imagine that both the Operating systems have been optimized to squeeze every last drop of computing power from the hardware running in native mode - there really isn't much difference.
wow, you got the hp tablet - thats a neat feature.

Virtualizing windows isnt really a good idea.

Yes you need to install windows first and then you ubuntu after that, otherwise windows will screw up everything if you do it vice versa.

but with the laptop you have, I dont think ubuntu will work properly with the touch screen feature.
Windows has this optimized with the tablet.
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