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Microsoft recognised as a great place to work in 2010

The Great Place to Work Institute today announced that Microsoft Corp. has won the Best Large Workplace in Europe 2010 award for the third year in a row. Announced at a gala ceremony at the Great Place to Work European Conference 2010 in Madrid, the awards are the culmination of its annual survey and report on the 100 Best Workplaces in Europe.

The institute honours companies that make significant investments in people to provide exceptional working environments, practices, benefits and recognition. The Best Workplaces lists are the world’s largest annual study of workplaces. More than 1,300 companies in 17 European countries participated in this year’s evaluation process.

"We are pleased to have been awarded the Best Workplace in Europe award from the Great Place to Work Institute for the third year running. Investing in people and creating a work environment that utilises the latest technology has enabled staff to transform the way they work and interact with colleagues, delivering a strong work-life balance and a highly motivated and empowered team,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, president, Microsoft International, senior vice president. “This past year has been challenging for businesses and employees in all industries, and Microsoft is no different. That said, we continue to be optimistic especially as our industry transitions toward what we believe is the next big era in technology – cloud computing."

"I believe bold goals inspire people to reach beyond their comfort zone and deliver amazing things. We’re making it crystal clear to our employees that when it comes to the cloud, we are ALL IN, and they should be too. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be at Microsoft, and it’s great to see our people engaging deeply to ensure we’re positioned to help our customers and partners take advantage of all the new opportunities created by the cloud," added Courtois.

"Microsoft has a great track record for consistency - doing what they say - and honouring the values of the organisation. There are excellent development opportunities for employees within the organisation and a great respect for people's needs and priorities, “said Palle Ellemann Knudsen, managing director for Great Place to Work Institute Europe. “There is no doubt that today technology is a hugely important enabler for establishing a great place to work. At Microsoft the use of their own technology is opening up more flexible work schemes and new ways of collaboration. Things that open up new opportunities are highly appreciated by employees."

Microsoft has made significant investment in office environments, flexible benefits and technology to empower and enable its staff. Microsoft is committed to being an industry leader in this new era of cloud computing, and is making a significant investment in training to ensure all employees are equipped with the skills they need to help Microsoft and its customers and partners successfully make this transition. Currently, about 70 percent of Microsoft’s people are doing things that are cloud-based, or cloud inspired – one year from now that will be 90 percent.

Local Microsoft offices across Europe won top positions on national Best Workplaces lists evaluated by the Great Place to Work Institute, including No. 1 spots for Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and France.
mOrpheuS wrote:
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Microsoft is the richest company in the world I guess. So, working there is a pleasing experience. I am not surprised at all. Very Happy
Not really surprising, they might not be that well likely anymore in the news but they are still at heart one of the biggest tech companies in the world and offers tons of perks to their employees.
I've heard many perks that the people who work for Google have at their work place and it sound's like a ridiculously great place to work in but I wonder what makes Microsoft so great to work for.
I dunno about anyone else, but I wouldn't want to work for Microsoft, no matter WHAT they pay me.
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