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Help to Put my Wedding Video into the DVD?

Hi all,

I am newbie here and want to ask for suggestions.
It was some days ago, a wonderful wedding hold on a romantic beach. Following a video has been recorded as an unforgettable memory.Embarassed
My hard options are that which I should choose to keep the video into DVD? To find a Professional Maker or to Download a Program making By Myself? so confused Sad
I assume burning the video as data isn't an option? As in, you want to be able to pop it into a generic DVD player and play it?
I would first make a copy, and then hand the original to a Professional to do up, but then you should give the professional very fixed guidelines of the end product that you want. Probably a good idea to shop around for a professional to be sure that you will get a good product.
Video editing is tough, but if you want a really personal video to have - like something you've made yourself and put effort into making etc, the best thing is to edit the recordings yourself.
If you care about it looking professional, hire a professional to do it as deanhills said.

There's a program call Sony Vegas, it has all the tools to compose a video from your recordings.
First thing to know.
What format is your video camera, HD, miniDV, Hi8, VHS or whatever?
Also does it use tape, disc or Hard drive for storage?
also does your video camera have a USB or forewire connection to connect to a computer?

If these questions already have you confused go straight to a professional.

If you can answer them and are fairly handy on a computer you can do it yourself quite easily.
It does take a bit of time though to get a good result.

I would be happy to give you more details if you like as I do this regularly to send DVD's to my friends and family overseas.
Thank you, guys, for the great kindness to give me those useful advices.
The format is MKV. Finally, I made my choice - I've made a nice DVD by myself with a software (<<removed>>, it's nice and thank the one who PM me:)) The most important thing is to enjoy the videography editing process. Finally I saved big money to achieve it with the guide of my friend and then sent one copy to my parents Cool Cool

mOrpheuS wrote:
link removed - deemed spam
Hi Hailey, Congrats on your wedding.

And thanks for sharing how you converted it. - it does save a lot of money.
All the best
There are some softwares which just needs to drag and drop the files. Seeing the earlier snipped posts I think its not allowed to post software names. So I think Not much can be helped without the names of the softwares required Neutral
ankitdatashn wrote:
Seeing the earlier snipped posts I think its not allowed to post software names.

That is not the case at all.

If, on the other hand, you are a new member with only two posts on the forum, and both these posts are advertising some paid software ... that's most definitely deemed spam and thus, not allowed.
Hmmm. I'll throw in a few suggestions. First, I was under the impression we had a forum for computer related stuff, (as I'm used to posting stuff like that in there). Second, there are some excellent tools for converting between video formats, and authoring a DVD. Of course, everyone dislikes paying money to perform mundane tasks like these, so here is an excellent website which discusses freeware (not adware, shareware, or some form of paid software) for DVD authoring programs.

Techsupportalert's article is located here:

I recommend their top choice, DVD Flick.

My approach is to use software to convert to a video format that DVD Flick can understand (I use SUPER(c)). Then I use DVD Flick to create a rudimentary title menu, and load the .avi file or whatever. It works well.
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