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Amazing revelation: caffeine helps you focus :0

Sorry about the snarky title. Consumer Reports Health reports on a study which suggests that caffeine is beneficial in boosting focus and reducing worker error. Didn't we all know this already?

Those given caffeine were less likely to make errors (for example, when driving) than those who were caffeine-free. They also performed better on tests measuring their memory, attention, perception, concept formation, and reasoning.

This study was performed on subjects whose circadian rhythms had been disrupted by jet lag or work schedule, so it's under extreme circumstances. It could be argued that any stimulant would be likely to induce a significant beneficial effect on focus and error reduction under said circumstances. Consumer Reports also cites other methods such as napping and other medications.

Turns out, caffeine beats them all. Personally, my favorite technique for getting focused under conditions of sleep deprivation is to drink a cup of coffee then immediately take a 15 to 30 minute nap. By the time I've woken up, the caffeine starts to take effect.

Full article:
You are right. That seems to work for most people. Also helps with weight loss I think, as it revs up the metabolism. That is why one would get caffeine in diet pills.

There are however exceptions. Some people get completely on edge with coffee. They go through virtual personality changes and become quite aggressive. Ginseng is also very good, probably a bit less harmful for the kidneys.
how about tea?
In tea you have the same ingredient as in coffee, it's called Thein or Coffein depending if it's in coffee or tee. Thinking in values , strong green tea has the same amount of Coffein as coffee does. When I heard about that for the first time I also thought that is't wierdo, but that's the way the things goes.
i have heard of what caffeine does but it really doesn't work with me, cause when i take caffeine and i go to bed i am able to sleep which i hear should rather keep you awake, weird right, i thought so too. and some research shows that coffee is not good for our health.
everyone knew that already :s
and tea also... depending on each's because of the caffeine
i drink a lot of coffe
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