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Another weird baby story

Baby nearly hit by bus in San Antonio

* From: Daily Mail
* May 20, 2010 12:14PM

Baby in the road

The baby on the middle of the road in footage taken from the bus. Source: The Daily Telegraph


THIS is the moment a shocked bus driver comes to a screeching halt within centimetres of a semi-naked baby sitting in the centre of a busy road.

It was just after midnight when Mike Hubbard, on his usual bus route, noticed a mysterious shape wriggling on the road up ahead.

At first he thought the ghostly figure might be a dog, but as he approached, the San Antonio driver realised it was a baby wearing just a nappy.

Mr Hubbard stopped just in time to avoid running over the infant.

"I was definitely in shock," Mr Hubbard told local news station WOAI-TV.

'From a distance I can't tell exactly what it is. It looks like a dog, something moving around, I can't really tell what it was. I started slowing down and then I noticed it's a baby in the middle of the street."

After slamming on the brakes, Mr Hubbard immediately jumped out of his seat to investigate.

"To me he looked like he was eight months old with a Pamper (nappy), just sitting there. I couldn't tell if he was eating something or not. But, his eyes got real big when he saw the big old bus in front of him," Mr Hubbard said.

Then strangely, as the driver checked to see if the baby was alright, the child's father suddenly emerged, scooped up the infant and ran off.

The horrifying moment was captured by a camera on the dashboard of the bus.

Although the incident happened last May, video footage of the moment has only just emerged for use as evidence in a current child custody case.

The lucky baby is in fact a girl, identified as Destiny Flores, now aged two.

The local bus company VIA, which services San Antonio - the second largest city in the US south central state of Texas - reported the incident to child protective services.

Destiny's mother Catherine Gonzalez, 25, and her husband are now fighting to retain custody of all three daughters.

The couple said they were in the living room when they heard a horn and the loud screeching sound of the bus braking suddenly.

Mrs Gonzalez insisted that they had no idea Destiny had escaped from the house.

"We had the door open, but there's a screen door. I had the lock on it, but I don't know, maybe I didn't put it all the way and she just snuck out. I really can't even tell you," she told WOAI-TV.

"It was an accident, that's all it was. It could happen to anybody in the world, you know," she said through tears.

"It was just an accident, that's all it was. It's not like we weren't paying attention, you know. I could have swore all my kids were in the back watching TV and they were doing fine. It was just the biggest accident and it hurts me."

But what horrifies Mrs Gonzalez more is thought of what could have happened to her daughter.

Mr Hubbard has been hailed a hero, but the humble bus driver says he is just grateful he was able to stop in time.

Texas child protective services will decide in a few weeks if the girls will be allowed to stay with their parents.

Another amazing story of child neglect or abuse.

This is just so weird, although this happened a while ago but has just been released.
paul_indo wrote:
Another amazing story of child neglect or abuse.
Are you sure that it is a case of abuse however. Some of these babies can crawl like the crackers. Before one knows, they are gone in a flash. Fantastic reflexes however of that driver. Wonderful that he was able to stop in time.
I said neglect or abuse. I am not sure which way the authorities would view it.

To leave a baby less than one year old in the supervision of children who must also be under ten (the mother is only 25) is indeed neglect.

The parents were in the living room and assumed all the children were watching TV in another room.
Pretty poor parenting in my view.
paul_indo wrote:
The parents were in the living room and assumed all the children were watching TV in another room. Pretty poor parenting in my view.
That's a little bit harsh isn't it? It can happen in a split second. Take for instance child drownings. A mother is doing the hair of a friend, and the 2-year old child is happily playing around, and just for a moment the mother does not realize the child is no longer there, and when she realizes it, and in the time she found the child, the child had already drowned in the pool. By the time they got her out, it had been too late.

It was not her house, she never realized about the pool being there. She visited to do the hair of a friend. To make it worse, her four-year old jumped in after the child. So both of her children drowned:
Whatever you say.
I guess we'll see what the court thinks.
I would call the incident "failure to protect" based on what we know publicly, and not assume it was legally neglectful. I do think the incident justifies an investigation of whether the parents are monitoring their children adequately. If they generally are, maybe they can figure out exactly how it happened, and perhaps warn other parents of the need to be more careful with doors closed or locked, etc. My guess would be that an older child unlatched the door, and that it indeed could happen to anyone. Proper teaching about keeping doors locked might help, but never prevent future incidents with certainty.
wow.... i dont know what to say ... but that is just bizzare!
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