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Me confessing my love to a married man

I am a 22 year old girl who recently met the man of my dreams. Only problem is that he is married and has a child. He has told me that there is a lot of problems in this marriage of his and that they got married for the wrong reasons. the only thing holding them back from getting devorced is their child.
I confessed to him that I found him very attractive and he did so in turn. We started chatting and he asked me out for coffee. I came back the next day and confessed that I am in love with him and that I do not want to be the "other woman" in his life. We should take things slow.

He in turn explained to me that he does see the both of us in a relationship but will take time. There is no need for us to rush things, we have all the time in the world. He does not expect me to be the "other woman" it will not be fair on me. All he can offer me is what we have now.

I really have strong feelings for this man. I am head over heals and this is not only lust. Thus the reason why I confessed my feelings now so that I do not get hurt later on. I am scared that I freaked him out and that he was just maybe into this whole thing because he maybe thought that I would offer him an affair.
Comparing myself to his current wife by looks, personality and love. I am the perfect 10

I need someone elses input on this subject.... It is the first time this has happened to me....
Not to be rude you anything, but I think this should be posted in "Relationships". Sorry that I can't help you with your problem.
This could be a troll, being their first post. Just bringing that out there.
Comparing myself to his current wife by looks, personality and love. I am the perfect 10


Probably a troll. Besides, I hate helping people who think very highly of themselves.
I think that guy is right. You should first see where your relationship is going and then decide when you two really feel that you should take this relationship to next level.

@Arty & Tinga - Hey don't be too rash on a new member. She might be genuinely concerned and honest enough to mention that she is 'perfect 10' Shocked .
I think its good that you found love, and your considerate of the other person's feelings, as well as his child.
Taking it slow is a good idea, but don't get too deep into it right now. You can't say whether he could be using you.

Good luck to you and best wishes for your future.
There is no such thing as love. What we call love is merely a substitute for something that we don't want to admit. In this case, the "love" is just an excuse for a stuck up individual to tear apart a family for the purpose of feeding her ego.

And sure, she might have developed attachments to this man significant enough to be called "love" over a cup of coffee, but don't you think that this "feeling" of "love" is being exaggerated enough to the point in which she is able to justify taking a man from another woman in order to fulfill her own purpose of being a woman?

Protip: Love, being the excuse for everything bad in the world, has caused more problems than hate. For example, love of one's god has caused the death of millions. Love of a race is used to justify a holocaust. And now, you are accepting an individual's "love" for one person as an excuse to inflict pain in a family. Go, Love!
The parents of my friend did this;
They were married but didn't like each other but stayed together for the kids.

The only thing I can say to help you (depeneding on the age of the kid) : it hurts more if the children is an adolescent than anytime before.

Because at a young age he won't really understand what's going on and he won't be too worried about that.
If he's 11-12 years or older it will hurt him!
Superbikegirl wrote:
I need someone elses input on this subject.... It is the first time this has happened to me....
Nothing good ever comes from relationships like these. Also, it is never a good idea to believe a guy like that. Relationships like those may have the appearance of not much love and problems, but there is a bond between all the members of the family, that will never go away. If you do manage to get involved in a relationship, then you will have accept that you will also get involved with his family and all of their problems. Even if he gets divorced, you will never be able to separate him from his family, as he will still be the father of his children, and will need to have dealings with his wife. She could also easily focus on you as the reason for their problems, and this could also turn very ugly for you.
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