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Sleep disruptions maybe its your computer.

Some studies that exposure can disturb sleep patterns and exacerbate insomnia, some sleep researchers. its really possible because fo your computer you have trouble in sleeping?and they said now there's growing concern that these glowing gadgets may actually fool our brains into thinking it's daytime. If I had trouble sleeping, I might do something about my artificial lighting.Does anyone know of any studies relating to this? I'm just curious.
Might be useful to post the whole article:
I'm not sure about what you mean. I just search read the abstract of a study that tried to link use of computers or cell phones with mental problems in young adults. But for what I could looked like the use of computer or cell phones had nothing to do with it....probably the pressure and stress those people were putting on themselves was more the cause....I didn't read the study so I don't know how they control for other factors. Besides the study only uses a questionnaire on 16 men and 16 women. I wouldn't stop using my computer or cell phone because of that study!
natilovesmike wrote:
I wouldn't stop using my computer or cell phone because of that study!

I didn't read that entire article, but, For me personally, I sleep with my laptop next to me , pretty well every night for the past 4 years. On average I get less than 5 hours sleep. Not because I can't sleep, but because I'd rather be doing something like programming, drawing or maybe even play a game. And when I do go to sleep, it takes me less than 10 mins to fall asleep. If anything, having a computer next to me when I go to bed, seems more beneficial than disruptful.
I've read similar things about lights fooling the brain and making it difficult to sleep as well, but I can't remember the source. I remember reading something like keeping a night light in the bathroom so just in case you have to pee in the middle of the night you won't have to turn on the lights, because turning on the lights may disrupt the sleeping pattern because the brain thinks it's daytime.
i always used computer before i sleep like checking emails. I wouldn't stop using my computer or cell phone because of that study too where in fact computer is part already of my daily habits.
This is very true. At the beginning of the week I completely stopped Internet for three evenings in a row, and my sleeping improved drastically. Then when I went back on since Wednesday, my sleeping changed completely again. I agree, it must be the lighting, also perhaps the negative energy of some of the debates. Probably not good to post in the Religion forum at night. Smile
I think the bigger issue is how the internet and technology (phones, email etc) have destroyed our attention spans. Few people can even listen to a full song. Everyone looks for immediate fulfillment. I don't like it.
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