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My site and Questions about it

Yo heres my site:

My questions are:
Do you think the site is good?
What could I do to make it better?
Are password protected directories good or bad?
Is Music good or bad?
It doesn't seem all that organized, everything is here and there, and maybe you should consider chaning your "alt" background color to something other then white, it contrast with your "true" background too much, perhaps you can change your other background if you want to keep your white one, but I would still sugest changing that white to some "light" color (even gray". Also I don't find it very appealing for them background backgrounds changing for each link, but that's just me.
However the best thing on your page is that all your local stuff loads in that same frame. Oh yeah, your "Music" page, there is way too much unnecessary space between that first line of text and Music files themselves. As for password protecting, dunno, it can work if you have a lot of friends come there and you can share that password with and discuss private/clan things or whatever is on that page.

Overall, I give your site 6/10, you could improve it a lot by playing around with few details, colors and text placement to make it a little more professional looking.
ok, thnks, Ill take your advice and try to put some of it to use.
As for the spacing, I have tried to fix it, but there seems to be conflicts between the dividers that I put in. Any suggestions?
i like the look of the site, except how the link bar at the top is separated from the main text, it looks slightly disjointed (but it could just be me)

good start!
Zaheer Khan
Do you think the site is good?
good but not so good.
What could I do to make it better?
It seems that you have used some template. try to make one by urself.
Are password protected directories good or bad?
yes, off course. if some data is private or for members, it is good, but if it is for free download, then it sucks Sad
Is Music good or bad?
Music is obvioulsy good.
The site looks pretty good but you could do a few more things to make it better like maybe add some more pictures or make a banner for it.

Music is Very good (there is greenday my fav Laughing ) i will use some of them for my phone Very Happy

And also you you should add the flash movie there is somthing about halo
here is the link:
It looks very good. Cool

I think you can add some pictures and less text on the index page

The music is good. I prefer mp3 for mid files. But maybe it isn't allowed to add mp3 on your page.

DId you made it by yourself or u used a template to make it?

Good luck with your site.

I will visit it again Cool
Your site isn't bad at all. I'm not going to comment on the design (despite me being seemingly qualified--) because a few people have... Tho I will on your code.

I love how you've used div elements and css layout. That IS the way to go *high five*

What I would like to see you do however, is organise your code a little better, clean it up... add whitespace and proper indenting to get it looking good and readable. That way people can easily get in there and give you tips about where you're having problems. Smile

an xbox live site... or clan.. i didnt read i just saw xbox live in the middle.. looks cool enough tho.. 4 stars
Thanks for all your replies. Ill try to do everything that u guys have recommended.
As for a new Layout, Im in the process of learning how to do so. If anyone knows a website that teaches that kind of stuff, please post it in here.
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