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Ordinary DVD-Drive in XBOX?

Hey Guys,

I have a spare DVD drive lying around in my house and i was wondering if the drive can be put into the XBOX. It is a 16X Liton drive. Excellent drive.

I mean, the xbox is just like an ordinary computer, right? Plus the original drive in the xbox is just slow, so i wanted something faster for load times.


um, I wouldn't think so. I know some of the parts are interchangeable, but I beleave the xbox system bios is extreamly different than windows, so the two drives might not be interchangeable... but you never know, it works with ps2...
Some PC drives can be modified to work in the XBOX with the caveat that pressed silver games might not function. Search over at Xbox Scene Wink
You could change the original Xbox DVD drive with a spare DVD drive, however, the last time I checked, if that was done, you wouldn't be able to play original Xbox games in it anymore, rather, only burned copies.
Not a great plan mate!

You see the XBox drive laser reads the discs in reverse so if you changed it the drive just wouldn't read XBox originals anymore. Also worth noting because burned discs would effectively have been written as reverse ISO's anyway when burnt on a PC to be used on the XBox I'm presuming they wouldn't work either.

What a nice big doorstop you would have there Smile

You could however as a better plan purchase a Thomson XBox drive and try mounting it into your PC. That way you should be able to rip original XBox discs straight to your HDD. Convert the ripped files to an XBox ISO image using xISO or other XBox ISO creation tool and then burn with Nero or any other ISO image burning software.

This would effectively prevent Network connecting your XBox to PC and FTP'ing the data from XBox ---> PC which is the traditional method.

Sh*t me I waffle! Very Happy
You could also consider looking into modding your XBox. As I understand, you could use any HDD and any DVD drive once it is modded. It can even then run special versions of Linux.
If the BIOS on the xbox gives you troubles, i know for a fact that there are other BIOSs out there that with a modchip you can download off the internet straight to your system. Those will probably work with the drive.
You can get a mod chip for your XBOX motherboard that allows you to install linux, then you would be able to interchange that. But my seggestion is to not do that as your XBOX serial number will be banned from XBOX live.
Hey, why would you want to change it anyways, your Xbox has a lifetime warranty on it, it should be covered under the warranty.
Why is there a horrible ECHO in here???????????


Thanks guys.

The thing is my xbox's warrenty is already voided when i moded my xbox with evalution installed. now my xbox's DVD drive is bloody playing up and now when i start the xbox the message error 11 or 12 pops up (problem with the dvd drive, did a google search).

I was tempted to buy a new Thomsons Drive from Illamas or something but seeing that i have a spare dvd drive lying around, i might as well give a try. So yeah.

Just a thought, is it possible to flash the ordinary dvd drive's firmware to make it like a xbox's? just a thought, might even be a stupid one.


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