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family guy

if you like the tv show family guy post your stuff here
Oh no!

Oh no!

Oh yeahhhhhhh!

Yeh Stewie and Brain r cool!
this show ownz Cool
i wanna get the new dvd
i haven't seen the FG movie yet, is it really that good? did it really go straight to DVD?
does anybody kno wif there gonna be a 4 season??
I love Family Guy. Stewie and Quagmire are by far the funniest characters on the show.
Definitely my favorite TV show, as it has recently passed The Simpsons which was my favorite show since I can remember. I swear, evertime I watch that show, I just die laughing. Stewie would have to be my favorite character. Me and my friends at school quote Family Guy 24/7.

"Giggidy giggidy giggidy... awwwrrriiiiiiiiiiight!"
Very Happy
Tobbie wrote:
does anybody kno wif there gonna be a 4 season??

season 4 is what was shown until just recently. i dont know if they will continue with s4 or start s5, but i cant wait 'til it kicks in again =D
Really cool !! Shocked
And so Funny Razz
This is a lot of fun. My son absolutely loves it.
The show really revolves around Stewie....
I love this show. Why the ****** is American Dad on the air now? It sucks compared.
Gigity gigety gigety goo.
Raven The Dark Angel
Waa! I love this show. It's one of my favorites that I watch bunches of the time! I like Stewie the best but he kinda confuses me. Sometimes everyone can understand what he's saying while other times only Brian can. Rolling Eyes

Quagmire is pretty funny too. I like the episode where he is in a Looney-tunes circle and is like "Let's have sex!" in a sing-song voice. Laughing Haha. Or the one where he's congradulated for saving a girl by giving her mouth to mouth when he was only trying to make out. "You saved her. I didn't know you new CPR!" "? CPR?! What's that?" Ahh I love it. Wink
three things you need for a great show:
1. A dumb, alcoholic father
2. A psychopathic, yet extremely witty, baby
and 3. Someone named Quagmire.
The simpsons only have one of them and its still good. Family guy on the other hand is for those with really irregular humor. I just love the flash backs they have, like when Lois was a Kiss groupie, or when Peter gets fed up and leaves his band with Simon and Garfunkel to go to "'Nam"
Is this a show not a movie? I saw the movie "Family man" by Nicholas Cage. So there is a show called "family guy"? which network is it on?
I love faimly guy!

best ever!

i heard some like rumours that it was being banned?

i have to say that although its probably my favourite show it can be a bit too racist and stuff sometimes...but its still great!

i dont think it'll ever get old, i just hope they keep bringing out new episodes, and that it doesnt dry up like futurama.

yeah the family guy can be a bit racist sexist, you name it. But they do it in such a funny way that you have to laugh. It's great.
Best Show on TV these days! I do believe there is to be a season 5. Was anyone esle expecting a little more from the movie? Don't get me wrong, I thought it was funny, but I had come to expect more from the hype that was built up. I hope it doesn't start going down hill like the simpsons has. RIP Simpsons.
Family Guy is Jokes mann, its sooo funny. I thought the simpsons was the funniest show ever and nothing else will beat it. But when i watched my first and best episode, i reconsidered.

LOL- Quagmire(however you spell his name) and Peter are the best-LOL
I love this show the movei was great just like a really long episode, i nearly pissed myself. They are working on Season 4 now, so cant wait!!!! YAY!!
Its Cool But They cross the line to much when the sat cuss words but the humor is tight i see it every day on [adult swim]
wrightbros wrote:
i haven't seen the FG movie yet, is it really that good? did it really go straight to DVD?

Yeah it did, it's called Stewie Griffin, The Untold Story. It was aired on tv once I think, I missed it, but it quickly came out on DVD. I saw the comercials advertisements for it and I had to go buy it. It's hilarious. It is pretty much about Stewie meeting and older version of himself that came to his time through time-travel. It isn't really about the storyline that is good about it. Like always it's what goes happens on the side, like all the side jokes and Peter memories that he just randomly yells out in the middle of episodes, haha.
One of the funniest shows ever, I love the baby its so cute yet so evil..
If you don't watch Family Guy, then go to and search for "Family Guy" and watch some of the clips that come up. Hilarious!
I must have watched each episode about 10 times. It's madness. I love that show so much. Especially season 4. Wow. They really push the limit of political correctness (or just how incorrect they can get). Escpecially the time when Stewie asks the hookers if "it's like throwing a hot-dog down a hallway." Haaah ahaaaahaaaa!
family guy is the best....used to be the teacher talks a lot about it in class so its all cool....
I love Family Guy, and although it is blasphemy, I must say it used to be better.

For those of you FG fanatics who don't know, Family Guy was originally pulled from the network, and was only playing on cartoon network for a while. I call this "the old FG". Then, it was so freaking popular in reruns and with people buying DVDs that the network decided to get this back. I call this "the new FG".

I love the "new FG" but I must say that there was something just a little better and fresher with the first stab at network TV, the "old FG".
Ha ha, did anyone see the Simpsons episode last sunday? When they were looking through the book of American criminals, there was a caption of 'Plagarismo' under Pete Griffin. It's true, his character is so similar to Homer.
Google video has a ton of awesome famiy guy clips. Just type in Family Guy-disturbing for a funny one.
family guy is really funny, but it's one of those things where it's only funny when you talk about it with your friends or w/e. It's sometimes pretty disturbing, but really funny. Having a fat guy diss people and stars with a family is really funny... somehow
family guy is so funny but it is so racist
Google video has a ton of awesome famiy guy clips. Smile
i posted this in another thread, but it seems to have gotten lost somewhere, so here is my thoughts on family guy:

a mate at work gave me family guy season 1 dvd and i watched it. first impression was 'this is too simpson' - i.e. the simpsons have done it and done it well already, so why bother trying to emulate it?

as the episodes went on i grew to appreciate it more.

season 2 and 3 changed my opinion somewhat. i figured that although a hell of a lot of the humour has already been tackled before on the simpsons, there is a somewhat 'original' slant to this show. i think what sealed it for me was quagmier walking into a lesbian bar and saying to two chicks 'so, either of you ever been penetrated?' - that kind of straight down the line offensive behaviour renewed my interest!

and no one can dispute the fact that this show is a blatant derivative of the simpons, but all the same, you can certainly accept it for that and enjoy a good snigger at some down right silly television!
Family Guy is truly one of the funniest show on television..although it started as a copy concept of the simpsons, family guy has, in my opinion, bypassed simpsons on the humor level.
Family Guy is a great show. I mean it may be a little crude but it's not over the top. I think it is one of (if not) the funniest cartoons on T.V. Keep up the good work! Stewie is the man. Coolest cartoon character ever! Anyways, just watch family guy, once, and you'll love it.
GIGADY GIGADY!!!!! ALL RIGHT!!!! I have every episode on my tivo.
family guy does indeed rule!

it's defnitely one of the edgiest of the new breed of cartoons that began with South Park, but it's always reasonably intelligent in its use of material that could offend. i think one episode was banned for sterotyping a Jewish man, but that's in fact a pretty tame episode. to give examples of where the humour comes from, funny moments are often: comically hammed-up acts of violence, anti-discriminatory racism/sexism if that makes sense, awkward pauses, many many in-jokes about the cartoon and its relation to other shows (american dad's good at this too), and incredibly inventive side stories and twists which have gradually come to almost completely replace "plot" by the later episodes. this works suprisingly well. the simpsons has frequent flashbacks, but they are left unrestrained in family guy and come to be a key element of the show. a good example is an astonishing movie-style fight main character Peter has with a giant chicken, which goes on for deliberately far too long, and is simply repeated without any explanatory lines in a later skit. Family guy mocks the in-jokeness of other shows by taking its number of references to pop culture to new and crazy levels of obcurity, with plots often being based around past-it celebs from the 80's era and before.

this show is terribly original and terribly good. it starts of by ripping off the simpsons character/show format but quickly developed into something very clever and very funny!
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