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Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Simply Amazing!

This movie is the best fully CG movie i have ever seen, if you've seen it you know too. Since i have to read subtitles (I cant read too fast =() i dont really like watching it hundreds of times, but as soon as it comes out on dvd, im going to buy it and watch it all day long =P If any of you have seen it please tell me what you think of it, id like to know what others think of it, since its such a good one Wink If you've never played the game though, i recomend doing so because it helps you grasp the concept a little, since it takes place after the game.

Thanks ~Cody
yeah, is a great movie i downloaded it today,great animation.. i loved it, i want an english version.. because i dont like subtitles heh.
its great with change isnt it? Wink

i find it very very VERY boring.. when i watched it i yawned to many times. its sooo boring. unless you are using wacky subs =D. but the original is just boring. maybe if you like ff7 it can be a good movie. note: CAN! i know several ppl who finds it boring, even though they like the game.

back to the subs. my girlfriends friends friends brother (gah) made a sub some late night, and it is wacky. really ****** up XD. but its great =D. if you are swedes you should look for it on or whatever the page is ;P. its wonderful =D
It lagged a lot on my computer.I didn't find it very good.It was okay but not OMG in my head.
I DID love Tifa's battle scene though...just everything about it made me love it.
People I know told me to watch it and I did.
It's an amazing 3D movie, it looks so real and so nice.
I'm not a fan of FFVII but I'm a fan of 3d animation. Think about the time they put in this awesome movie!
in my opinion i dont think anyone can deny that it is probably one of the best CG movies that out there. but the story line is just way to cramped =\. the story progressed WAY to fast. maybe if they did it in series it would be nice. cuz after watching it i feel that they had absolutely squished a 25epd anime to a 1.5hrs long movie

but all in all, CG is amazing fights are way cool storyline is prety decent but too simple =P
It's a nice movie with no doubt. Thumbs up Cool

The part which I like most is the Final Battle with Sephiroth. The music is actually the same as the Final Fantasy VII game! Haha, well, the music composer for FF series is still Nobou Uematsu.. Besides, the overall character graphic model just looked perfect and I have watched it for almost 5 times! LOL. Repeating the battle with Sephiroth over and over again.. haha.

By the way, the last tactics which used by Cloud (the yellow spiky head main character) which give Sephiroth the final hit is just simply amazing!!! From 1 sword seperated and divided into about 12 parts,, and the skills, wow!! However, he didn't used that tactics from the begginer of the movie though.. Frankly at the beggining I thought this movie is just boring, but.. Well you know.. What's the point for deleting this movie if I'm downloaded from it from the Internet ...]

Overally, this movie titled Final Fantasy VII: Advert Children had inspired me in my upcoming RO project.. haha, combining Sephiroth and Cloud weapon sprite in Ro.. lOL..
I forgot about the movie... Started downloading it now! I hope it will live up to my expectations. I haven't played FF7, but I know a lot about it.
The Sephrioth music isn't the same as in the game...It's remixed Black Mages music.
i love the movie...its great ive watched it...the 3d movie ever... Very Happy
Boles Roor
Simply amazing. Incredible physics, smooth meshes. After seeing this movie, I started playing the game, and it makes alot more sense. One of my favorite movies right now.
yeah i lked this movie too its simply awasome i wish they will do another movie like that .. i cant wait to see it ..
didn't any of you think that cloud looked like a woman i know you can't make a worse film than sprits with in but it wasn't that great
this movie is the best movie at the world

graphics: 10
all: 10

(one of the best bits has to be when the phone goes off and it's the battle victory theme from the games!)
It's so funky amazeing what the todays graphics and pc allready can.IT took few years to make movies like that because the details....soo funky.IF all games would look like that,,oh my god.
If all games look like advent children, ur computer must be over 3 gHz and have 120 +++ GB Lolz. Anyways, nice movie, nice action, nice graphics, simply the best animated movie ever created! ^_^ Can't wait for FFVII : DOC
its been release...but you mean it has a new story?..
I agree, this movie was great, it filled in alot of the story and made me want to play the game again.
Have all of you seen the short FF7 anime episode called "Last Order" that comes in the bonus features of the japanese dvd?
I'm downloading it right now. I can't wait to watch it. I liked spirits within and I loved the game. I'm glad i stumbled on this topic:D
the animation was great...but the storyline's quite hollow though....and we didn't get to see much of Aries!!!

and the bad guys look too much like girls.
Fianl Fantasy 8 should definatly get a movie made about it as well since it has by far the best story line of any of the Final fantasys. Squall is 5 times better than cloud. He is more real.
I lvoe all Final Fantasy! Any movies that comes out or any games. I'll get it! XD
I do really love watching it over and over again. With it's awsome graphics and fight scenes, you'll never missed a single cent buying it's DVD. I love it. Wink

BTW, Tifa gets even hotter in the movie! Hehe. Embarassed

:: Proud to be
ahh this is great animation~ 3D ~! since i played this game so also see this 3d movie animation lo~ nice ah`~
actually, i dun realli find it tat GOOD. It was okay. Some segments i dont understand, infact, it doesnt really make sense. eg, how does cloud's sword abit to split up and do those stuff. Confused
Ok. Here's a little explanation about Cloud's sword. In FF7, he used to use Zack's sword ( you need to play the game to know... Or just watch The Last Order ). The 7 sword is something new. Or was it six... I think it's seven. Alright... The first sword, it is a blank. The sword can like... Split "open" and you can insert sword in it. And he just stuff all the swords in and form this really cool looking blade. And yeah... he locks all the swords together so it won't fall and stuff. And wah la. You get Cloud sword. O.o And also, the segments that you don't understand, you might want to tell us... We might be able to explain. To understand this movie, you really have to play FF7, which is the Prequel of advent children. Without the game, you might not understand some parts.
Ithink it's a good film but I can't understand it
well, that a good movie for fans, but if you didnt play that game, you might cannot understand what's happening
i played FF7 , it was like years ago .. 8 years ?? i think...

but ... i didnt complete the whole game . hehe
This is definately one of my all-time favourite films. I mean FFVII is my favourite game in the entire world, and so I had my hopes high for this film. And I wasn't disappointed. The CGI was intensely awesome, the way the characters have been made "real" was really well done, the story was fantastic, the action sequences were coordinated really well, and they managed to fit in all the classic characters without a single hint of cheese.

All in all, a ****** amazing film.
Oh My God, Cloud is so beautiful. Why such gorgeous man don't exist? Ok...i admit it will be very scary.///// Well this movie is a slap, the graphism are just great but well....the script sucks....Kadaj is like a toast the other characters a re jsut here to be very disappointed. But Sephiroth is ok ans that's good ^^
pienso que es un juego muy bueno y muy interesante y que meagrada que a ti tambien te guste y espero que sigas en contacto conmigo .
Cuidate mucho.
Yes definitely a must see for a game fan, great story but yet it lack somewhere in CG, comparing to Spirit Within.
I just recently purchased Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, and well I was amazed. After playing Final Fantasy VII I suspected that it would not live uo to the quality of the game. However I was shocked it outperformed my wildest dreams/hopes/expectations, watever. The fighting scenes are shocking, as a result of the CGI the camera angles used are amazing and it really grasps you.

Yes definitely a must see for a game fan, great story but yet it lack somewhere in CG, comparing to Spirit Within.

It does not lack. It was intended to look like it was CGI as the creators explained that if it looked too real; they may as well use "real actors". But even still it manages to capture the magic of the game! Whilst maintaining a realistic atmosphere.
Very good movie. I felt it was too short. English voices leave something to be desired compared to the Japanese ones, but Sephiroths voice was spot on.
The film was verry nice Smile
But ... almost no Summons, materia only once ... Sad
NFast action, beautyfull animation ... good film about my favorite game Smile
toms.cheats wrote:
didn't any of you think that cloud looked like a woman i know you can't make a worse film than sprits with in but it wasn't that great

yes... i do think that in the movie Cloud looked lyk a WOMAN... Laughing

and i yes i think that peeps need to play the game in order to understand the movie

about the 'last order', i think the reviews are ryt that it wuz inconsistent...

BTW my fave scenes are Tifa's battle scene with Loz and the Sepiroth-Cloud fight
I think it΄s pretty good. The music rules but something in the middle was missing when i downloaded it!! Pretty annoying!
The movie was pretty good. The 3d anim. was top notch anyway. Watched it quite a few times. I think its one of the best in terms of 3d animated movies so far.
Personally, I loved this movie-- of course, it helps that I'm a total FFVII fangirl who has played the game through about ten times and has memory cards full of saves right before big cutscenes, but what the hey! ^^;;

It made me really happy that all of the characters from the game were in it, especially because Vincent and Yuffie had no game cutscenes, being optional characters and all. The music was fantastic, of course, because Uematsu did it (Now he's retired! Boo! Crying or Very sad), and the movie version of One Winged Angel (Sephiroth's theme) was really excellent. The lyrics are completely different than the game version because the story is different. I love that sort of attention.

The animation was fabulous, and the Japanese voices were all right on the mark, though I can't say the same for the dub ones. Cait Sith with a Scottish accent makes no sense whatsoever! FTW?

The thing I'm really wondering about is if they are going to release Last Order (the anime short that was released with the Advent Children Ultimate Edition) in English as well. I figure probably, because it'll make them more money, but I haven't heard anything official.

Has anyone heard if Last Order is being released in English or not?
I am not sure about The Last Order, but Advent children, I think, is going to have a english dubbed version. I am going to see that no matter what, as I loved the quality of the movie..
Advent Children came out in North America on April 24/06, with both dubbed English and original Japanese language tracks.

Last Order, on the other hand, isn't out yet and I haven't seen anything anywhere about whether they plan to release it here or not, hence me asking.
I've gotta say this was no doubt better than the other Final Fantasy movie. Advent Children has an awesome storyline, awesome fight scenes, and great detail. Besides the fact that I watched it with subtitles (which wasn't really a big deal) the movie was awesome. I'm a big FF7 fan, which probably made me like it more than I should have. Anyways, to all the FF7 fans that haven't watched it, I recommend it.
The effects in this movie definetely blew me away. Not only was the CG soem of the best I've seen, but the style in which it was presented stood out from the crowd.

There were epic scenes in this movie that gave me chills. Then they would follow it up with a really awesome fight scene or chase. The action in this movie pretty much didn't stop.

I have only seen the Japanese version so far though, because I was so anxious to see it I wasn't willing to wait for the US release, lol. I still haven't rented or bought it yet since it has finally reached the shelves.

I am interested in seeing the English version because that way I'll be able to pay attention to more of the movie without having to worry about reading subtitles. Hmm... and do the voice match up with their mouths in the English version? I would assume they would have to rework the entire animations of the mouths to form fit for the Enlgish version.
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