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Java css project

So I have downloaded some fonts, a lot of fonts (300+), to use in my web-design. But since it dawned on me, that no way am I going to do the boring repetitive process of typing up (copy & pasting even) the stylesheet needed to use them, I have two solutions:

*find a solution online
*do it myself.

For once I want to do something, it should be fun enough and good way to polish my programming skills. I intend to use java, since it's the language I'm most familiar with. All the fonts are in .ttf format. They are split in 3 different categories/folders (that's how many i downloaded at this time), and in each category there are many fonts, each with its own folder (some have more than one .ttf file - for bold, italics etc). So I intend to have a stylesheet for each category (let the program loose in each folder).

For font-family names I intent to use the filename, minus the file extension (i'll quickly go through all of them and edit them, that shouldn't be that long). I'm kinda excited, since it's the first time I have to code a program before I can advance, or even it is the first time I'm going to code a program that is genuinely usefull (scripting aside) Very Happy

Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions/tips it'd be great! Also, if you guys want I could post a link/source code when it's finished! Cool

Okay, it's done! I'm still thinking of adding some features, like renaming files & maybe a small GUI, and maybe automatic updates (kidding).

But, no, it works like a charm, creates a good looking stylesheet from any number of .ttf files (only that filetype of course, ignores the others) regardless of the directory/folder complexity. Just specify the directory where the fonts are located and it's away! (saves the stylesheet in that directory you specified).

I want to tune it a little bit, and then I'll post a link with download (sure why not). Cool
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