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Anyone like "Dune"

If there anyone who like Frank Herbert please let me know.
I'm a big fan !
Read all of the story quite a few years ago, but it's since very vivid in me... Smile
Now about the movie : I didn't like it at all. It was btw impossible to recreate the unique atmosphere of the books, in my mind.
My friend has told me so much about DUNE, but I can never find it! Ugh I wish I had a copy in my hands right now...
Oh my God. Don't even get me started on this topic. Herbert is THE sci-fi God. And please... I'm not even into sci-fi. But speaking as a hardcore literature wannabe, I am still utterly impressed. Read the first Dune book at the age of 12, and I still, at the tender age 28 reread it at regular intervals. It took me some 8 years though to read the rest of his books... and they are gruesome. Lethal, vile and terrible. In particular God-Emperor is unique. Social, philosophical and political questions brought into a smooth narrative (although it seems somewhat overstretched, a result of the... special time circumstances in the main character... not giving more away). For Gods sake... Enjoy this man Wink
If there anyone who doesn't like Frank Herbert, please let me know.
EtherealDesert wrote:
Read the first Dune book at the age of 12, and I still, at the tender age 28 reread it at regular intervals. It took me some 8 years though to read the rest of his books... and they are gruesome. Lethal, vile and terrible.

I agree, the first book was really fascinating, and the thirds had it's points, but even one of the characters in the book, a former soldier of Duke Leto, the main character's father, finds the main character, Paul, to be rather ruthless and not as concerned with people's lives as his father was. Paul is suppose to be the kwisatz haderach, the galactic messiah, he doesn't have enough heart it seems to me. The Bene Gesserat, the sisterhood of priestesses that Paul's mother is a member of, who have been manipulating the genetic pedegree of the royal houses for thousands of years, seems like femi-nazis to me. They are interesting in some respects, but heartless in the extreme, making the not so compassionate galactic messiah seem like saint by comparison.

The book has a significant Islamic flavor. The word jihad is used often, and the Freemen who follow Paul with absolute loyalty are very Arabic in character, a ferocious desert people with all sorts of Islamic conceptions.

Someone commented that they didn't like the movie, but I think the movie was about as faithful to the book as could be expected given the confines of time. There was a Sci-Fi Channel mini-series done in much greater detail with all of the extra time given (with William Hurt as Duke Leto), but I thought the movie version much better. In particular, the the writing for and acting of the main characters was terribly annoying, they made him sound like a frustrated kid, that part of it was nothing like the book. Strangely much of the rest seemed quite good, I think largely just because they had the time to flesh it out, or so I thought at the time, but I can't remember it nearly as well as the movie, which is telling. Kyle McGlaughlin who played the main character in the movie is an avid Dune fan, and at first he didn't like the script to Dune either. But as he muld it over in his mind he for some time he was unable to think of any signifcant improvements. I think it was just a product of the time frame. If it had been done as a mini-series I think that the movie verson would have been entirely faithful to the book.
I saw the films, the good ones ^^
I read the first books but i didn't have enough time to finish
I like it and i don't really care of the secret signification
Dune is such an intriguing story. Herbert designed a world with an eye on the details: the eco-system, the religious traditions, the intricate family dynamics and space travel. It's just stunning the scope that Herbert imagined.

What I think is most fascinating is the how the entire arc of the Dune series seems to be more like Herbert's disillusionment with heroes. Even Paul Atreides eventually becomes like the Emperor he once hated in his valiant attempts to control and guide the people. The first book builds Mau'dib into this hero but we don't quite see the downfall for awhile.

I grew up playing the Avalon Hills board game DUNE also which is based on the book and very complex. It's a cult favorite and still played through email by people from all over the world!
the games Dune 1 & 2, on PC and atari / amiga, were rather entertaining too. I spent many hours playing them when I was younger.
Olivia Wood
Yay, Dune! I read the series a good few years ago, and while the details of the plot may escape me, I still have some very lovely, very vivid memories of certain scenes. Very Happy

I think I liked the first couple of sequels best, (I was terribly sad when you-know-who died the first time around. Wink ) and the original Dune is definately a must-read, but I remember being slightly dissapointed the further along the series went. The whole Paul thing was set up as such a big deal at first, and then it kinda... Confused And yeah, he did become less and less likeable as time went on. I lost interest sometime after the big slug guy died and those two kids became more or less the main characters. (Children of Doom, maybe?) I don't think the series ended there, though - did it ever really end? I think Frank Herbert's son picked it up after he died... or am I just imagining this?

The cynic in me demands happy endings in my fiction, and Herbert's a bit too harsh to be totally satisfying - especially since he sold us all that pseudo-sientific spice precognition crap... he could have extended the fantasy to a happier ending. Sad

I don't regret reading it, though. It was good overall.
i first saw Dune in a movie, the newer version.

after that, i searched for the books, and found them even better. i've read all 8 books in the series.

it's sci-fi, philosophy, politics, and psychology, rolled into one. i ended up marking a lot of lines with my highlighter and taking some of them down in my notebook, because they are just so quotable. too bad i don't have my notebook with me, so i could sample some. the first one that i noticed was the "Fear is a mind killer" that Paul would recite to calm himself and to give him courage.

right now, i'm looking for more of the Dune saga novels, those co-written by his son.
Played the original Dune games which were quite intriguing (especially Dune 1), which got me to my school library to grab 'em. Must be pretty popular 'cuz it took me over half a year trying to borrow several of the books (always out). But I got 'em all in the end.

Good stuff.
I read it a year ago and i loved it!
I guess it is alright.... Nothin' special...
I really like to read it...
But id didnt read never before...
Now i must:)
I read the beginning but it's don't really like them
I like very much the Dune series. I think the book 1, 2 and 3 are the best in the series.
Anyone has readed the new Dune books? (the ones by Herbert's son) Are they an interesting reading?
I read only the first two books and saw the movie directed by Lynch. I think that any book series based on a unique universe of the 'Great Ones' of the sci-fi are suspicious ones. I'm planning to read the new books (Kevin J. Anderson with Herbert's son, if i right) and I've read many dissimilar critics about them. From the 'mediocre writer-imitation' to the 'worthy sequel'.
Im fan of almost all kind of SciFi, and Dune is one of my favorite. SciFi which has good physic explaination for tehnology used in it (somehow possible to understand Razz ), intrigue storyline, different charachters (in their thinking), etics things and its original (not already seen somewhere) - has predisposition for great SciFi. Dune has it all Smile Where does sand worms come from? Wink
I think Frank Herbert is the man! I love Dune. I think they made it into a movie too as well. I just remember reading it a while ago and I thought it was a great read for when I was travelling from the east coast to the west coast and back. Herbert is a magnificent author. Laughing
dune is the best sci-fi books I've ever read. I've read all of them even the prequels written by his son. The movies were great too I have them all (the good ones)
I loved Dune. Too bad no one has ever been able to make a good movie based on it. I didn't like the first or the second attempts at Dune the movie. Dune II the computer was pretty good though. But overall the book was awesome. I think I've read it 3 times or so. I loved how he made a believable intriguing world. Does any one know if the sequels were any good? Is Herbert still alive and producing any new works?
Absolutly loved it!! Have and have read the entire series of books, and have both versions of the movies on dvd.

The entire series really gets under your skin and it seems (to me anyway) that you can't put it down (the books) or stop watching the movie(s).

Even my wife and daughter love it (them), and that's really saying something when we all like the same thing Very Happy

Dear God...the book Dune was sooooooo amazing. I read it my junior year of high school and i've been searching for a copy ever since. Also, my girlfriend got me the movie for my birthday Very Happy. Unfortunately, its about 5 hours long and I'm still trying to find time in my scheduel to watch it all at once Wink.
have tried to read this series about five times now and I enjoyed it each time but the problem was that I never owned all the books and wasn't always sure what the order was, I don't think the sequence was ever written on the dust jackets?, I was borrowing them one or two at a time from friends so I always ended up reading one out of sequence or not being able to find one of the books 3 or 4 into it and giving up.

just did a quick search and here's the timeline for any schmuck like me that had trouble figuring it out:
By Frank Herbert; (Dune Chronicles)
Dune Messiah
Children of Dune
God Emperor of Dune
Heretics of Dune
Chapterhouse: Dune.

Dune prequels co-written by his son (Dune House Trilogy)
House Corrino
House Harkonnen
House Atreides

Dune prequels co-written by his son (Legends of Dune)
The Machine Crusade
The Butlerian Jihad
The Battle of Corrin
The Road to Dune

I think that's all of them? Aaargh now I'm going to have to go find them all.
I have read only the first book. It was booring, i think. But all people who have done it said that it was really good. Smile
I've only read two books by herbert. Dune was relativley good but I actually liked the otyher one better, which was called "A man of two worlds". He wrote the book with his son brina, who later wrote some dune boks after franks death. It's pretty good, but out of print so somewhat difficult to find.
Code of Ruin
Oh the Dune books are awesome. I liked the ones in English best, most translations aren't that good. The storyline is so good and the characters are all lively and have a certain social depth. I haven't seen any of the films though.
Whoa, Dune was the best series ever. When i was like 14 i got the first 4 books for christmas. I locked myself in my room for 2 days only stopping to eat. best days of my life
i went to the same school as frank herbet...

that is all
I haven't read anything from Dune but after reading all the comments about

his work I will pick up a book. Has anybody got suggestions for a title?
I've read all of the "regular" Dune books - those about Paul or Leto II (or after Leto II but still about his plan). The first book was really good, but "Dune: Messiah" I didn't like as much. "Children of Dune" was also good but still not as good as the original "Dune". "God Emperor of Dune" really beat the two preceding books, but when I read that it had been too long since I read the first book I can't really compare them. "Chapterhouse: Dune" left a bad taste in my mouth; I just didn't like it as much, though it was interesting.

I recommend reading all of the books in order, though the story is laid out well enough to skip around and not be entirely lost.
The books are OK, but the David Lynch film is well worth watching. It has to be one of the worst movies ever made (in a good way). The acting is terrible, the script groans, the sets look awful. You can see why Lynch wasn't allowed to make any more films for a long time after that. All in all, then, a cult masterpiece.
Dune is to SciFi what LotR is to Fantasy, IMO. Both genres existed before them, but Dune/LotR are the cardinal works that brought the genres to the mainstream.

The best? Not any more. Several series top LotR in the fantasy dep't (IMO).

However, I will be honest. I have yet to read a SciFi SERIES as good as Dune. I actually prefered Ender's Game on a one-to-one comparison of book 1's. However, the rest of Ender's series didn't even come close to the first book, whereas Frank Herbert kept the momentum going.

I'm about to start C.J. Cherryh's Chanur Saga, which is pretty highly regarded. We'll see if that knocks Dune off it's throne for me.
I consider Dune and the next couple books in the series to be some of the best books I have ever read. I also love the movie with Kyle MacLachlan, even though it is not 100% true to book. I was very dissapointed however with the SciFi channels version with William Hurt. In the SciFI channel version Paul is a whining little girl who can't act (not unlike Luke Skywalker in Episode IV). Even so, the actual book will always be better than any movie.
how can singup your webhosting?
I was at the local gameshop and they were trying to get rid of decks and boosters of the Dune CCG (collectable card game) at a huge discount, and I wondered how that wouldn't had made it... Then I saw the Star Wars CCG for Young Jedis getting the same fate beside it... What is this world coming to, I thought, as I bought a few more packs of Hecatomb...

Closer to the topic - I found that the books that I have seen are pretty nice, and I prefer the Dune series to some of the shall we say, more... dubious SF series. The jury is out on film/TV adaptations though, as far as I am concerned.
It is by will alone I set my mind in motion Dancing
As much as I enjoyed Frank Herbert's Dune I disliked Children of Dune. Is it Frank Herbert's too ?
Is there a good place to get the dvd of it ?
I own about 300 Scifi books and the first three Dune are among them. I remember enjoing the first very much, but I had to look back into the second to find out, why I don't have them all. The follow on books did not have the spirit of the first, and so I stopped reading the rest. Reading these posts though I think I will get the rest and read them all first, before making a decision about their quality. I remember having them as eBooks somewhere on my old data CD's.
I liked the movie a lot and the TV series (I think it covered the first two books) was not to bad either. They are part of my DVD collection
hades9366 wrote:

I think that's all of them? Aaargh now I'm going to have to go find them all.

Herbert also published a book called, "Eye" which includes sort of a walking tour of Dune. It's a pretty interesting read and I came across it randomly when I was looking at books in a dollar store one time! Wacky, indeed.

and the story continues now with
even more books, writen by his son!!
The style is very similar and the facts + ideas
are taken from Frank Herberts own unpublished

I've never heard of it. Could someone please tell me what it is?
He is a Cool Guy!!
I've read some of the books... and I didnt like them very much. what may the resone be... I liked the film better... am I just dumb?
The best sci-fi I've ever read! By the way - my nickname Wink

I am a Dune fan alsol. I also collect rare books and tarots cards. I have an out-of-print copy of The Dune Encyclopedia compiled by Dr. Willis E. McNelly. It's been out of print and will never be reprinted. You cannot even buy it in Anyone here owns a copy or read it? It's much more superior than the prequels.


I have seen both the Dune movie (by David Lynch) and the sci-fi channel mini-series and IMHO the mini-series,, although it had started a bit stiff, was able to surpass the movie in both acting, script and effects n the later installments.

Moreover, the mini-series was at least able to complete the trilogy. I was hoping the sci-fi channel would continue on with the rest of the series. It's a good way to introduce the new generation to the epic very much like Jackson's Lord of the Rings movie did for Tolkien's books.

Isn't Dune some king of reconstruction of humanity values like one can have in some sort of Bible ?
I saw the original movie and the mini series,I liked the the mini series better,I have heard a audiobook by the co writer of the Dune series,
Kevin j.Anderson: The saga of the seven suns,I highly recomend it.
Kevins favorite sci fi writer was Frank Herbert until he died, and after that he helped his son Brian Herbert to continue with the Dune saga.
I just finished reading it, and I think it a masterpiece of SF. Herbert, in my opinion is the modern equivilent of Dumas.
Have to agree with most of the posts that Dune is great. Couldn't put the books down - and the movie (although technically, probably not the best acting, directing, etc) I thought was really fun to watch and have viewed it countless times.
this is intended for people new to Dune... first of all welcome! Smile

you've probably heard by now that Dune is to sci-fi what Lord of the rings is to fantasy, so I'm skipping that part. Laughing

after watching Lynchs' famous film and the under-rated mini-series plus reading the first three books, my advice to you is to watch the mini-series (downloadable also in Emule), and then read the first book only. you can go on from there, but this is where the real essence of Dune and the heart of this world is.

why not read the book first? unless you are a real book-worm dune is full of political-intrigue and dialogue that might deter you from this wonderful world. you might not make it to the second half (the action) part which will be a great loss. Sad

why not watch the famous film instead? because it sucks a lot. sure it has Sting in it, and fancy costumes, and the acting is better BUT the spirit of the book isn't there. i can honestly say that after watching the mini-series the book is just as i imagined only so much more rich with detail and depth. Very Happy

why not read the rest of the books? because in my humble opinion they recycle the geniousity of the first, almost without adding anything (somewhat like the Matrix films), i recommend reading them only if you really liked the first part of the first book. I enjoyed them a lot but they're definitly not everyone's cup of tea. Confused

enjoy this amazing world that Herbert created!
chompi wrote:
under-rated mini-series

Well, two things:

1/ I don't think the mini-series is under-rated. If anything, it's quite popular not only just among Dune fans but Science Fiction fans in general. After all, SciFi network poured a hell of a lot of money into making it!

2/ I always felt that Herbert's point through the whole series was the disillusionment with heroes. In the end, Mau'dib becomes exactly what he was fighting against originally. By just looking at the first book, it's sort of like just tasting the frosting on a cake. You aren't judging the whole cake - just a piece of it. In a way, it's sort of similar to Peter Jackson's treatment of LOTR where he removed the section where the Shire is attacked and destroyed. Tolkien didn't write that part in there just to thwart a Hollywood ending; it was a moral message: All actions have consequences and there are always going to be sacrifices in war - something that is almost too much for any hero to really bear. After a war, you can't just go back to the way things were like nothing has changed.
I've never watched the movies, so I won't comment on them. But as someone who's read all six books in the original series, I find it surprising when people claim that the other books aren't as great as the first. I admit, they're more complex, but come on people, the series gets better as you progress through it. Although I wish Herbert hadn't left Chapterhouse ending on that cliffhanger Smile
Game Fortress
Its a weird story. I have never read it (mostly because my dad is a ZEALOUS sci-fi reader, wich I think subconsciously turned me agaist the genre) but I have heard an awful lot about it, and seen the movies. It seems a bit haunting in a way.
The Spice, The worms.......

Really, do you need more to talk about?

Frank Herbert wrote an AWESOME triolgy when he came out with this.

I've read the first book a hundred times and plan on reading it a hundred more.

I have in DVD the , the mini-series, the org DVD and the Collectores editions.

It's a great story....
"I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain."

I totally appreciate this.
Dune of frank herbet, with certainty is one classic of the fiction, I always asked because the great nets of TV of U.S.A. had never produced one show to stilo of star trek or babilon 5. He seems me that he falls of mature, all the fans in fiction would be crazy for show, and all its by-products.
I even don't know what Dune is or who Frank Herbert is... Smile
i just saw dune on tv a couple of days ago, the picard version Very Happy
I like the book, it s preety interesting, but not the best sci fi I ve ever read..
i love Dune! it still ranks as one of the top 5 sci-fi books i've read.
it's right up there with Stranger in a Strange Land and The Foundation Trilogy.
i've just reread dune for the 4th time (i think). the last time i read it i was maybe 20 and i was worried i would hate it. thankfully i didnt - it's still very impressive and it was interesting how vividly i remembered it, in comparison to other books i read years back where i remember hardly anything at all.

with all the recent furore over the LOTR trilogy Dune has been left behind a bit - but its still a fantastic novel and one of the best SF has to offer
The book is fabulous. If someone knows Dune by the movie or the Serie named "Dune", please read the books.

The book have about 10 times more details than the movies' version. For me the best SCI-FI book, but ASIMOV is very good, too.

If you never saw the films, I don΄t like the old movie version, but the Series is much closer to the book... but i still believe there are a lot of characters and situations you only can understand or imagine in the book version.

One of the best for me.
I finished the original trilogy and I have to say that a lot of it was emulated in Star Wars and the like. This is definitely the best series of books that I have read. Strong characters, the duration of the plot and the endurance of the thing really makes it a worthwhile read. I might go back and reread it to see if I got most of the background. Politics, intrigue, action, love ... what else do you need?
I liked Dune, although I'm not into SF books so much. But Herbert has a great style of writing!
I was introduced to the book by my nephew-in-law. Loved it. Read all parts. And watched the movie doing a sci-fi mini-series marathon.

Although the movie was some what lacking in details it did a good job. But the book was awesome. Maybe one day they can create an updated version of the movie that's a little closer to the book.

As aside I think the Dune story has some a little similar to tthe series with Vin Diesel, Pitch Black, etc. But not very much though. Maybe just his eyes reminds me of the Dune people.
I adore Dune, its by far the best science fiction i've read in years, ridiculously intelligent yet entertaining and with so much backstory. its just a shame he then had to destroy Paul and nearly the entire house atriedes in the next two books.

I haven't bothered to read the son's books, I've read some of the star wars novels that his co-writer Kevin J Anderson has written, and while there competent there also pretty basic - I wouldn't believe he is capable of the intricate plotting and characterization for which Dune is known.
Bookface wrote:
If there anyone who doesn't like Frank Herbert, please let me know.

I abosolutely hate that series i got really really bored and just stayed away from it it seemed to be really long winded but then again i dont really like sci-fi. Rolling Eyes .
One of those series that a lot of other people have read - and these are people who I generally have the same interests as.

I don't know, feels like one of those things were nothing convinced me at the time to read it, and now it sort of feels like I've missed it a bit.
I watched the Dune movies aaages ago, been meaning to read the books for as long, but never got around to it, this thread just reminded me though! Maybe I'll swing by the library tomorrow and see if I can grab a copy of the first one.
The epic Dune Chronicles are a favorite series of mine. So much imagination, depth and dimension in that world that just goes on and on.

I sort of wish Herbert lived long enough to complete Dune 7, instead of KJA/Brian Herbert. That cliffhanger at the end of Chapterhouse... Crying or Very sad

To me Hunters/Sandworms of Dune are great and all, but they have the weight of fan fiction in comparison to Herbert's masterpieces. The only one of Herbert's novels I had any problem with was God Emperor, because it had an entirely different feel than the rest of the saga. I appreciate God Emperor however, as it illustrated the stagnation in the galaxy that Leto II created quite well, and that age of stagnation ended well.

Miles Teg owns all.
Not having read Dune is kind of like not having read Lord of the Rings - it constantly feels like it's too late to start now.
I just posted in the other thread that Dune was my favorite book! =D
I've read Dune and one other book from the series + all the prequels. The prequels aren't any good, I'm looking to collect all the Dune books and give them a good read.

Next, I have to take down the Foundation series by Asimov, because everybody keeps recommending it to me.
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