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White Noise

Although this movie had an interesting concept, I found the movie terrible...annoying in fact. If anyone has seen it, am I being to cruel?
I have never heard of it. Is it new? Does it have anything to do with the delilo book?
Its half of year old above.I dont know deLilo book.I was excited to see this movie. A guys wife dies and somehow people are communicating with the dead through the white fuzz on a tv screen. This movie is definately a 'thriller', with the afterlife and so on but to me it just didn't seem to convince me that it's possible. A good thriller will convince even a stubborn person that afterlife is 'possible'. This movie, to me just seemed a little cheesy. And the 'white noise' on the that got extremely annoying really quick. The idea for the movie was clever, just not genius like the Sixth Sense
Thanks for your comments.
I agree
i find this movie very's very slow and when the climax came, the 3 spirits came out from nowhere with not much of the lousiest horror film of all time i think.
I thought the idea was great but the way they actually did it was terrible! They could have made it so much better!
Today I watched White Noise on UMD Video (for the PSP). By watched I of course mean I saw the first 10 minutes, listened to the next 5, woke up 20 minutes later, then proceeded to fall in and out of sleep for the next 40 minutes, then stayed awake for the next 20, before sleeping for the last 10 minutes! Typical!

I had a number of problems with the story. One, there are quite a few superfluous elements (such as Jonathan's son). Two, although I'm not someone who usually complains about genre combinations, there was an attempt to make White Noise both a "benevolent spirit" story, ala Ghost (1990) and a Ring (2002)-like otherworldly threat. The two just didn't meld. Three, the thriller aspect, which enters primarily at the climax of the film, seems too tacked on to engender an appropriate emotional reaction from the audience. And four, the supernatural aspects and especially the "twist revelation" of the ending are very rushed and unpleasantly ambiguous, possibly in an attempt to hide the fact that the plot in these respects wasn't very well thought out. There is a tremendous amount of potential in the script, and it is entertaining enough to marginally recommend, but this seems more like an early draft that was rushed to completion, or possibly a film that suffered a lot of studio meddling.
ur totally right. this movies was a classicly bad american horror movie.
This movie is definitely horrible. I went to go see this with my then girlfriend (now she is my wife) because she wanted to see a "scary" movie. It was horrible.

The concept of the movie seemed great. However, the way everything was played out made the movie drag on into an anti-climatic ending. What the hell was up with the ending anyway?

It made me want my money back...
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