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I suggest a few tutorials (get on SE's good side).

This is what Htmlmasters suggest me on my post in "Advertise your site". My question is, because I don’t understand "(get on SE's good side)" Sad where I can find free content for my site (e.g. PHP tutorial). Please, are anybody know useful link because I didn’t find anything good on google.

There are always lot of free contents available on the web.......

You are better off to use the rss driven sites and just integrate into your website ............for ex News....

Look for rss/xml at the bottom...of the site and then there are multiple ways to include it on your site......

Since it is an rss/xml don't need to worry about refreshing/redoing your site...every other day.....

it gets refreshed with new content each day
Thanks webapp,
I am thinking about RSS/XML but I don’t know how to include it on my page. Did you know any easy way to do that? Also I have one more question, if RSS/XML have more then one page, is it my page like template, and all pages what user surf on RSS/XML have my background and header? Rolling Eyes

WEll i would recommend this site to you

It has got scripts of every nature and in every language it has got tips and tutorials and every thing that you will ever need Laughing

Well try it out and see if it can help you .
Great site kany.
HotScripts is by far my fav site Smile

Got loads of cool stuff for everything really


Omg Fear me IRL?
THANKS, hotscrips was great, I really needed that link, you would not believe HOW MUCH.
I know Tripod has a good turitol on pHp, but I think you need to register to view those files. I registered to view them but never used the site in any other way.
You guys know of any RSS aggregators that can display the feed using flash on a web site?

I'm trying to stay away from javascript if I can. I don't like the time it adds to page loading. I know Flash can be the same but, in my experience, it doesn't take as long as javascript.
You should really read more about SEO. If you want to get on the se good side as you mentionded you do need content. But you need ORIGINAL content. If you just copy a tutorial and post it on your website it will do you no good because the SE already has those in their cache. You need fresh and original content so i would suggest writing your own tutorials...
Very Happy Ok hotscripts is good. I prefer that website, and check there first if I need any PHP/HTML/VBSCRIPT/ASP etc........ script than any other site. Though another good one I would recommend would be they ahve a lot of content and some things hotscripts doesn't have. Though hotscripts has some things doesn't have, there both good and unique, though msot is the same. Just check it if hotscripts didn't fit you... needs? Razz
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