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How long do your computers last?

When does your computer stop functioning/ When do you buy a totally new computer
<1 year
 0%  [ 0 ]
2 years
 0%  [ 0 ]
3 years
 26%  [ 6 ]
4 years
 4%  [ 1 ]
5 years
 4%  [ 1 ]
>5 years
 65%  [ 15 ]
Total Votes : 23

I had my first computer as a small child(well, it was my dad's), when I was about 4 years old.. and I somehow ran it a long span of 7 years! It was from UK, Gateway - Pentium2.. but it worked fine (even though it was outdated)

The next one was assembled, and I was using it till now(with a dozen reformats), somehow..(around 5 years)..

I've played some great games with <20 fps.. but well, finally, the outdated computers lasted a lot..

Now I'm buying a new one, and well, lets see what happens this time.. I'm hoping to get it working for atleast 3-4 years(with some upgrades probably).

What about you?
We first had a old computer with windows 98 and when I went to highschool we buyed this one. Thats is 6 years ago now and it is still working fine, unless it is a warm day, because he then gets overheat. Lats year we buyed also a laptop, because it is easy for school and he is much faster than this computer so most of the time I use him now.
I bought my first computer in 1998 for more than 1000 (I must say it came with printer, scanner, monitor, music installation(I still use that music installation)). I ruined that pc a few years ago due to static electricity, I touched the graphic card and BOOM! The second computer (on which I'm typing this meesage) was bought in 2006 (or 2005?). But anyway, the computer still works but it's way outdated for all the programs that are available today. BUT in July or August I'm going to buy my third pc / first laptop: a Macbook Pro 13". (Check my blog :p )

My first PC lasted me 5 years. It's actually still running but I ended up buying a laptop to replace it when I started college. My mom still uses that PC (which is like 8 years old now) but it's kinda of a piece of crap haha
My last computer, which was an assembled one, lasted eight years. It survived three virus attacks, and I also upgraded it twice, so it was more or less technically upgraded and maintained all the time. I got to the max of the upgrades last year, however, it still had some juice left and was in immaculate condition, so gave it as a gift to the young daughter of one of my friends. I'm very happy with my new assembled computer. It's the best I've ever had so far.
Three or four years, roughly. But that does include some upgrading along the way. This current one is three years old and I'm not planning on replacing it or upgrading it further for hopefully another two years. But it has already seen a processor and graphics card update.

My 2004 rig before it lasted almost 4 years without any upgrading. I wish I got a better case and PSU for that one though as it was damn near total death by the end. The one before that lasted about four years too.
I had mine for 4 years now without any hardware upgrades.
It's still rockin! It works pretty well but I had to format it a couple of times (becauses viruses and spywares).

But if you format it a couple of times in it's life your computer should last at least a couple of years, plus if you make some hardware changes it could be more!
My current Macbook is 3 years old and showing no real signs of lacking performance where I need it. I have upgraded the RAM to its max of 2Gb and put a 320Gb HDD into it. I don't expect to replace it any time soon, though I'd love to get a new Macbook Pro... I just can't justify replacing this one, as it's fine.

I've a Dell Inspiron 5150 that I bought in 2004... It had a HDD crash, so I replaced that, and increased the RAM to 2Gb. It's still going strong and outpacing some new systems for performance. As long as it keeps going, I'll keep running it.

My wife's desktop is about 4 years old now, and we've added RAM to 2Gb and a second HDD from our older computer and added a PCIe video card to play some games... It's an HP and runs well enough. I'd like to replace it with a new system to keep up with some of the newer games, but, for the most part it's still running fine for every other application.

Before that we had an assembled system that I'd been using since about 1998, but, it was constantly being shifted. Though I still have it, it hasn't been run in about 2 years; was going to set it up as a server, but never got around to it. Though it's lasted over 10 years, it's various parts have been upgraded too many times to say it's still the same system. The MB/CPU have been the same since about 2002, though.

If you maintain them, there's no reason why obsolete computers can't compete with more modern systems for day to day performance... and there's no reason why a given computer can't last well over 5 years. People replace their computers due to lack of consideration in their use; they foul up software and believe that the hardware is to blame... sorry folks, you don't need a new computer, you need to learn to USE a computer Smile

pll wrote:
But if you format it a couple of times in it's life your computer should last at least a couple of years, plus if you make some hardware changes it could be more!

Yeah, running Windows, I tend to format/reinstall once a year or so. Makes a HUGE difference.
Mind you, other than upgrading the OS, you really never have to do that with MacOS or Linux.
Ankhanu wrote:
you really never have to do that with MacOS or Linux.

Agreed, that's why I want a Mac.

I've also got a MacCube (the model have been made in 2001) and it's still working well, it lags sometimes but this computer is 9 years old.

Still doing a great job! Cool

Watch the ad here :
Historically I have always used the front side bus speeds to indicate when it's time to build a new one. If I can reasonably double my FSB speed I'd do it. I can see a difference when doubling the FSB.

The new intel cpu's have built in memory controllers, so that eliminates the FSB all together. So I'm not sure what I'll use as barometer now.
My last computer lasted 10 years(winxp) , I just recently got a new one because it gave up and died hehe.... Laughing Now i got Windows 7
Almost 3 year since I've shopped for all components at once. The more previous one is used from early 2k [the age of Windows ME] until I've replaced with the current one [but it's still been using by my cousin].

I am considering renew the PC with an i3 / i5 CPU, but the current one is E4500 with 4GB RAM and have been used for only 3 yrs lol...
This one I'm currently on, is about 6 years old.
Got my PC from 98 with it's 450mhz, still fine - the original house computer from early 90s (mac lc II) still fine, along with all other pcs bought between now and 90s.

* also good to note anyone who remembers binatone pong type consoles made in late 70s I pulled one out of a loft that had been there like probs 10-20 years plugged into a tv and worked fine.
I have a pc bought on 2000, still working with windows ME.
So its 10 years
I have had my current desktop for 3 years now, and I have upgraded it quite a bit.

I think I could still use it for another 2-3 years... I just wish it wasnt so dang loud!

I have had my current laptop for 2 years and think its still good for atleast 3 years
The computer I'm currently on is going to be 5 years old. I won't say it's running strong, but yes, it's still pretty good. Smile It's running Windows XP.
MY computers never last more than a year and a half ): though I'm using a family one right now and it's been going strong 5 years.
Well, my desktop is 6 years old, and even if it lags, its fine most of the time!
my laptop (main computer) is 5 I think, and it rocks! added some ram (3Gb, more would be waste, the cpu doesn't support 64bit, too old), and I use it on a day-to-day basis

finally, my netbook only lasted 1year and a half. Its SSD (it was a second-gen eeePC, the 900) doesn't work anymore, and its soldered in the pcb :/
This machine I'm on right now is about 2 years old, and I've replaced the graphics card (because I wanted more power) and the HDD. (because it crashed)
Mine usually lasted about 2-3 years. After that some parts either burned or I completely bought a new gig. My current one seems to have graphic card problem, and I'm considering to replace it after using for about 2 years and some months.
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