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Product Review - Adegle RhongTo

I am not a fan of exotic fruits. Mango is just about the foulest tastes that I have ever experienced. Papaya always smells like it is 30 seconds away from rotting. Kiwi disables my taste buds for a week. I am more of a orange, banana, and apple kind of guy. Tropical and exotic fruit never appealed to me, and those genetic hybrids like plumcots just freak me out. Abominations. All that aside, I have always been curious of starfruits.
Starfruits, also known as Carambola, is a unique star shaped fruit that grows in temperate climates like Thailand, Australia, Florida and Hawaii. Its unique shape is where it gets its name. When I was contacted by Taiwanese yo-yo maker Adegle about reviewing a RhonTo, I knew that I would have to go against my dislike of exotic tropical fruits for the sake of the review, and eat a starfruit. After all, the shape is what inspired the unique spoke on the RhongTo, and RhongTo itself is the Hakka dialect pronunciation for the starfruit.

Weight 67.8 g
Width 45 mm
Effective Width 40 mm
Diameter 52 mm
Gap Width 4.6 mm
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) 0.25 in x 0.5 in x .1875 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Silicone Pads (Adegle Pulp Pad)
First Impressions:

I have to hand it to Adegle, they sure know how to create a visually stunning design. The open holes in the catch zone are nothing new. Recently Spyy released the Radian, and back the day Custom Yo-Yo’s had entire lines of “Mag” yoyos. Heck, back in the 1930’s the Worlds Fair yo-yo had spoke holes to emulate the look of the Ferris Wheel. The idea, at least in modern design, is to not only create a cool look, but to maximize the amount of rim weight. Well it certainly looks cool. The holes are modeled after the shape a starfruit grows into. On the silver side flat face is what I assume to be Chinese (Taiwanese?) characters and a stylish scripting that says RhongTo. Another nice touch is the laser engraving inside the response recess. If you are using clear silicone pads, then you will be see the Made in Taiwan and Adegle.
The outer facing rim has these ridges on it give the surface a bright sheen. The ridges are deep enough and spaced just right to maximize the light reflecting off of it. The rest of the yo-yo has a bead blasted finish.
Comfort and Tech:

There are a lot of likable technical choices that Adegle made on the RhongTo. First is the C-Size bearing. Easy to clean, replace, and upgrade. The bearing that came with the RhongTo had protetive lubricant in it, so I swapped it out with my “Ready to Play” Terrapin Chrome bearing. This just save me the time of breaking the stock bearing in. The shape is very progressive. The catch zone curves down into the gap, and then flairs out into a raised recess area. I get why they chose a silicone pad response. The only area the string has to sit flush against it is the plateau of the recess area so if it was a silicone groove, it may not deliver solid binds and have severe kickback. In this case, the silicone pad recess covers exactly the area the string hits when the yo-yo is would, ensuring maximum counter friction for when the yo-yo is thrown. I also noticed that the projection of the recess plateau was masked before the RhongTo was beadblasted. This should help increase the life of the yo-yo string and prevent the yo-yo from unintentionally launching into orbit.
With the projected recess area, the RhongTo’s width is a hand filling 45mm. In comparison terms, the RhongTo is wider than the Protostar and just a hair thinner than the first run Pyro. With a 52mm diameter, the RhongTo feels like it is practically overflowing width wise in your hand. The only area on the RhongTo that is beadblasted is the catch zone. This means that Adgele is endorsing grinds….. I promise I will try. What I don’t think is intended is to encourage Inner Ring Grinds. There is absolutely no inner groove to get your thumb in there. I can see why. It would be like pushing a carrot stick into a prop jet propeller… but… I will try anyway, for you.
On the Throw:

When considering the extreme width and the projected recess, I did not expect much from the RhongTo. I expected it to wobble and have really slippy binds. What I found could not be further from that expectation. The RhongTo soars through the air with a “Whoosh”. There is a bit of a learning curve to getting a clean throw on the RhongTo due to the unusual shape, but it should only take you a few throws to find your sweet spot. At nearly 68 grams, the RhongTo plays a bit heavy. It does not have a clunky feel on a throw, but it is not floaty in any sense of the word. I would not call the RhonTo fast either. It can be pushed fast with a sacrifice to spin time, but on normal play, it likes to move steady and slowly. The response set does a fantastic job keeping the string off the cup holes and providing snag free play with tight binds.
The whip target catch zone is enormous. The huge body shape makes hitting whips and transfers almost to easily. It get a bit crowded on the more complex and tight string configuration tricks, but for a yo-yo this wide to be this maneuverable is quite breathtaking. Another high praise is the stability. On very rare occasions during the review week, the RhonTo had to be tilt corrected. Mostly on regens, bad throws, and high impact hops. This is where I discovered what I think the grooved outer rim wall was designed for. These grooves take the same principle of a grooved catch zone: Reduced surface area = reduced friction = less impact to overall spin time. I don’t think I have ever used a yo-yo that was easier to correct a bad throw or tilt with less impact on the spin. Not only do those ridges look good, they have a function. Horizontal play… the limited horizontal tricks I know were great on the RhongTo. IT likes to stay at a 90 degree angle, and Gyro’s were very smooth with no awkward resistance.
I know what you have been waiting for. You want to know what I think about the grinds. Let me tell you, grinding with the RhongTo is like playing tag with a cobra. If you can pull it off you will have a satifying rush, but if you fail, you get bit. Gunter, my copy editor, got bit by the RhongTo so hard he thought he lost the top of his finger to it. I didn’t have any problems myself. I made sure to land the RhongTo between the 2nd and 3rd knuckle on my pointer finger and let the RhongTo climb up my arm. I think I lost some arm hair, but grinds are not only possible, but kind of daring. I promised I would try some IRG tricks also. This is a it tougher since you have to have the yo-yo tilt and the RhongTo does not like to tilt. I was able to get the RhongTo to do a 360 IRG, but it took a few tries. Basically, you greatly risk ending up with a chewed up thumb if you don’t stay at the outer edge of the cup.
Final Thoughts:

Probably the most unique throw I have reviewed in the last year. Perhaps ever. There is just nothing like it on the market. It is like Adegle took the Night Moves 5 and the Radian Superlight and bred them in a controlled take feeding them only mana from a sentient first run Pyro. The RhongTo does a lot of things very right, and is unlike anything on the market. It not only plays great, but it looks completely different thanks to a unique response area, width to diameter ratio, and of course the extreme rim weight thanks to the cutouts. It has girth and heft, but delivers like a UPS guy that does side work as a night club bouncer.
Great yo-yo, intimidating to the eye, pleasing on the string. And as for the Starfruit? I liked it. Yum Yum Yum.

Currently not available for purchase but may come soon to a few stores here in the U.S. Price is unknown at this point.
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