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Favorite Kurosawa Film?

What is your favorite film directed by Akira Kurosawa? I'd have to say Ran, followed closely by the likes of Seven Samurai, Red Beard, Throne of Blood...
I enjoy watching Kurosawa's movies. I'm from the former USSR, so it really takes me back into the days. My favourite is Seven Samurais, but I agree, it's hard to judge. They all are amazing.
"Kagemusha - The shadow of the warrior" (Don't know whether the translation is the same in english) "After the Rain" and DoedesKaDen.
It's the films that impressed me most till now. Nevertheless I've seen afterwards a lot of his films, which I liked very very mutch. Including the ones mentioned like Ran.
I only saw Seven Samurai and Rashomon. I found Rahomon boring a bit and Seven Samurai a bit long but I cans say Seven Samurai is one of those movies that will always be seen. I'm thinking of seeing Yojimbo, Throne of Blood and Sanjuro in the following days. I guess Kagemusha translation is right.
I'm always stunned by how incredibly Toshiro Mifune and Akira Kurosawa collaborated. It's hard to think of almost any of Kurosawa's films without thinking of Mifune's characters. Their impact on cinema, especially modern Western Film, is just amazing.
For me, it'll always be Ran.

I tried watching some of his less known works like Madadayo and Ikuru. They kinda left me cold, though Ikuru was pretty good, but some things just didn't ring true to me (maybe it's the difference in cultures). And then I saw Rhapsody in August (Hachi-gatsu no kyōshikyoku) which had Richard f-ing Gere in it and I said I ain't watching any more Kurasawa films.

Anybody else see these movies? Am I missing something?
Since everyone mentioned others I liked I'll mention one missed often...

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams was my fav, I recently just stumbled across it and watched it. I loved the surrealism in it.

And by the way Akira Kurosawa wrote Oni before he died, and it's being made into a picture
Definitely Shichinin no samurai! Second one for me is Ran.
"Seven samurai" rules!
I have seen Yojimbo too lately and I did not like it to be honest I guess Kurosawa is not my cup of tea but I will see that RAN.

I love Kagemusha!
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