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switching from blogger to wordpress

I'm thinking of switching from blogger to wordpress (because of the lack of categories, easy access template customization, and lack of trackbacks) Blogger was great to start out on, but I thing I need something with more options, but without having to know extensive CSS, or HTML, etc.

I looked at blogsome, but couldn't figure out how to import my previous blogger posts.

Has anyone had any experience with this and could explain so that I would know exactly where to copy and paste things? I'm never sure where to put codes. Thanks.

Moved to Scripting.

Yawn, General Chat isn't for EVERYTHING..
I'm sorry. I just started today and am trying to get info and didn't know exactly where things went. Tried to search for topics with relevant info, but was a little overwhelmed. I'll search through scripting for more info.
ok,i'm assuming you've already installed wordpress. If not just use fantastico/download the latest version from and install it yourself.

Next, to import from blogger to wordpress, there's already something installed in wordpress to do it. The following link gives you the instructions:

just follow step-by-step, this would not import your comments but just the posts you've made.

If you want the comments as well (not Haloscan), try this website:

I've tried the 2nd one and it works great!
Thank you so much! I just don't know very much and am stumbling along (very slowly) I'm hoping though it will get easier along the way!

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