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Paul McCartney Concerts

Paul McCartney has decided to end his 50 -year live career with a farewell tour that includes some venues where he has not appeared before. He will perform in Glasgow for the first time in twenty years. He said he has had lots of lovely moments in Scotland and his show in Glasgow will trigger a lot of memories for him.
The iconic musician announced the UK and Ireland shows in support of his "Up and Coming" tour. The first Paul McCartney concert will be held at the RDS Arena in Dublin in the middle of June and will be followed by appearances at the Isle Of Wight Festival, London’s Hyde Park Calling, and a few shows in Scotland and Wales. Glasgow’s Hampden Park and Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium will be two of the venues to host Paul McCartney shows. Outside of the UK McCartney will be performing in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, and Puerto Rico.
The 67-year-old musician admits that he has always remembered hearing great things about the Isle of Wight Festival but never really had the opportunity to take part in it. Some of the festival’s editions have become legends like its 1970 show which included Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Joni Mitchell. The festival became an annual event in 2002.
McCartney will be the headliner for the June 13 show. Other acts will include Jay-Z, Blondie, Florence and the Machine, Spandau Ballet and Friendly Fires.
Indeed, Paul McCartney has had his share of glory. And although he is still performing and creating music, he is very willing to support his son, James, in his quest for musical achievements. A few weeks ago James performed at a bar in Brighton, UK, in front of an intimate audience of 60 people and his father was there to support him with his girlfriend Nancy Shevell. The 32-year-old James had included in his gig a song called “I Love You, Dad” that obviously warmed the heart of the old Beatle and prompted him to cry out, “I love you too!” He even danced during some of the other tunes. Buy cheap Paul McCartney tickets to enjoy his shows live.
Of the Beatles, I've always like John Lennon the best. Paul McCartney was the more down to earth of the Beatles, and lasted the longest, but I have not been as inspired by his music as I have been with John Lennon's compositions.
Paul McCartney is simply the best. Although John Lennon seemed to be more of the inspirational type, McCartney's songs are at their core quite entertaining...and he himself is quite the entertainer. I haven't ever been to a Paul McCartney show, but I'm hoping to catch him at his last LA appearance once the time comes!
Paul McCartney there was a pop component of Beatles, John Lennon introduced in group some negligence, absence of a formalism in music.
I got to see Paul in Chicago in 2002 for the driving tour. He was an amazing performer, even with bad seats up near the top.

It was certainly one of the best shows I have ever been to.
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