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Halo Reach: Beta

Monday ! !, i am not the biggest nerd, when it comes to video games, but i've been a halo fan almost 10 years, would not miss Reach for anything...
Personally, I think the Halo games have gone on for too long. They say Reach is going to be the last game, but I will bet they're lying.
My xbox live gold membership ran out on sunday so I'm not able to play the beta yet. I'll probably renew soon so that I can try it out. I just beat Halo 3: ODST today and can't say i liked it very much. Firefight is kind of fun but I haven't played any halo multilayer in a long time. Hopefully Reach will be good.

Can anyone who has tried it yet give his or her first impressions?
weableandbob wrote:
Personally, I think the Halo games have gone on for too long. They say Reach is going to be the last game, but I will bet they're lying.
I agree that Halo games have gone too long and I'm sure it won't be the last game--it'll just be the last Halo game made by Bungie. I've seen the beta and it looks like the same game as ODST (which was the same as Halo 3), but with some new mechanics--nothing game defining.
I started playing the beta a few days ago so I thought i'd update with my first impressions. It looks like the graphics have improved a bit, here's a comparison:

They've changed how the shields and melee attacks work. It use to be you could empty half a clip into someone and then melee them for the kill. Now you have to get the enemy's shields down before you can get the kill. They also have assassination take downs when you hold the melee button behind an enemy. It looks cool, but if an enemy team member shoots you in the middle of it, the assassination is canceled. There are also these loadouts, which are like different classes, which give you different skills.

Over all, I found the beta way better than Halo 3 multiplayer. The new weapons are cool, and the matches just feel a lot more fun and quicker. If you liked Halo 3, I think you'll find you like Reach better. It's a nice change of pace from Modern Warfare 2, which i still prefer, but it looks like they are moving in the right direction.
yep, played it. hated it. i hate whem thay change all the button config, from one game to another... i just hate it....

halo 3 will always be the best
plus i thought the graphics look too cartoonish..
halo 3 will always be the best Razz Razz Razz
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