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Write your own RAP here and prove that YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

If you are a rapper or a lyricist who can write a rap than post it here. One of my favorite hobby is to rap and here is just a small verse for y'all.

Here it is: "Drop The World - Freestyle"


[verse 1]
i got a night full of shattered dreams and a life full of pain,
it always tortures me and i aint ever been the same,
but it's the same game that everyone is playin'
i been ready for a long time, but i m still waiting,
can i love you my princess or am i gonna need your permission,
what the point of speaking, if u aint gonna listen,
i never have a disguise, but you accuse me of fakin'
i lost a hope long time ago, its the god that i believe in,
pressing the rewind button and lookin' back at my mistakes,
but my heart dont beat cuz its stabbed by the hate,
i wanted to live forever, but it makes me wanna cry,
just waiting for the moment when my souls gonna die,
i dont know the real reason why i m still here,
cuz when i m in my grave all iima get are effin tears.
but have you performed in front of 2,000 people
like i have, but the thing is that i rap in spanish...
todabeat wrote:
but have you performed in front of 2,000 people
like i have, but the thing is that i rap in spanish...

like i said, its my hobby.. i dont want to perform in front of thousands of people, but i m glad u do Smile i hope u be more successful than u r right now =)
Well I don't like rap. I actually quite despise it. But that didn't stop me from making my own rap album - which can be found here:

I won't post any lyrics here because I'm sure they'd be against the TOS. They're full of swear words. I rap about Satan, burning churches, war, death, rape, necrophilia, etc. It's quite offensive and I am warning you ahead of time. I get annoyed when people bitch to me about how offensive my music is after I warned them. The only song there that isn't too offensive is "Sound of Laughter." That song is mostly full of silly punchlines; it's quite pointless, actually.

I'm about to upload my new song "Evil Exists" which is mostly about church burnings and rape.

My favorite song is "The Sacrifice" which is about sacrifice souls... I also talk about other things... I have a lot of influences in death metal and black metal because metal is a genre of music that I actually respect...

By the way, I really suck at rapping but I made these for fun. Plus, many people really like my lyrics and balls (I say stuff that most people wouldn't...) But whatever, listen if you want. Download my songs if you want... I think they suck but other people tend to like them for the lyrics (Sound of Laughter is lyrically my best song).

The songs are extremely offensive. Please only listen to them if you're not going to get all offended. I do not know of a more vocal way of saying this!
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