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which brand of notebook is the best you think?

which brand of notebook is the best in your country or in the world you think?
lenova thinkpad?

i find lenova installation disc (drivers, etc) or restore partition are quite organize compare to other brand. also, it give you choice to not install all or most of third party software.
well I have a macbook and its pretty did crash on my but it was under the warranty and they were able to fix it.
Da Rossa
I like my Toshiba Satellite.

All I know is that laptops produced here in Brazil tend to last shorter, since people in here do not demand high quality things. They want a laptop "just for the regular tasks" so the market has become aware of that. That's why there is no Toshiba in here, only "Semp-Toshiba", a brand that produces low-end laptops.
natilovesmike wrote:
well I have a macbook and its pretty did crash on my but it was under the warranty and they were able to fix it.

Agreed. Or even, for the wealthier (or the most geeky) of us, a MacBook Pro really is the best laptop I've ever seen. Especially the latest coreiX versions
(and for those windows-loving or -needing guys, BootCamp, and it just works, even better than other standard Windows laptops)
I don't see how the Macbook Pro lineup is at, or even near, the top of the spectrum. They now finally have Core i7s in their machines, and only on the high end model. However, it's a dual core; plenty of performance notebooks have had a quad core i7 for months, and at nearly half the price of an i7 Macbook Pro. And then there's the GT 330M, which is about on par with the previous generation of midrange cards. And then of course, there's the complete lack of customization. Forget about upgrading any of the core components, and you don't get an Expresscard slot either. Unless someone is really interested in OS X, there's just no reason to buy a Macbook Pro. It's overpriced and underpowered. Thinkpads offer proper build quality and top notch components. Clevo, Asus, Compal, and MSI offer endless customizations along with components that Apple can't match for another two generations (based on previous offerings). Dell offers solid machines that outperform the Macbook Pro at half the price. It's just that Apple somehow has force fed the idea into consumers that their machines are some sort of holy grail.

To answer what's the best brand, well considering most of these "brands" (except for Asus and MSI) don't actually build their notebooks, there's no clear answer. Each of these brands have a different appeal and all put out a great set of machines. More competition means a win for the consumer. As of now, Clevo, Asus, Compal, MSI, Lenovo, Dell (Quanta/Compal), Alienware (Quanta/Arima), have notebooks that interest me most.
Well, i think it's very difficult to determine which brand is the "best", but the well-known brands such as HP, Apple, DELL, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, etc have very good products and a lot of variations. I particularly like HP and DELL designs, and the construction quality of Acer is very good ( from my experience using their notebooks).
I haven't done a lot of research, but I think Lenovo and Acer are both very good.
very personal opinion but I like asus series. Smile
I reckon they still have a long way to go before I will find the dream Laptop for me. And that includes price. I've got a Samsung Netbook, and am quite happy with it for the little it cost me to purchase. Only thing I hate about any of these animals is that one has to charge the batteries all the time. Also treat those batteries with lots of respect, i.e. if one keeps a laptop plugged in to electricity, there is a good chance one can lose the functionality of the battery. Would be wonderful if they could design a complete new generation of power source.
I've Acer Aspire and am a satisfied consumer.
So i would be going with ACER because it's like 'Poor man's cow'...which means its quite affordable and is good for a medium customer.

All the very good facilities that can come in Acer in a budget can't be offered by any other brand. Confused

So Acer is something to go with and I'm with it Cool
I like Dell because you get better support and warranty. Also Dell stuff are durable, price is bit high though.

Acer is the cheapest option I think.
seemidip wrote:
very personal opinion but I like asus series. Smile

me too, i've heard that they got the lowest rate of fabrication failures , my friend have one asus notebook that lasted 5 years until now.
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