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Youtube censorship


YouTube pulls MIA's Born Free clip due to excessive violence towards ginger citizens

* From: NewsCore
* April 27, 2010

BRITISH rapper M.I.A.'s new video for her song Born Free has been banned from YouTube due to its excessive violence - with redheads bearing the brunt.

Gawker reported the video features US flag-wearing military forces rounding up and killing redheaded citizens of a war-torn desert nation.

The forces, who wear ski masks, body armour and tote guns, abduct the redheaded males, force them onto a bus and then take them to the desert where they brutalise them and kill one before hunting down the rest as they try to escape.

Reviewers have said the video is a commentary on the genocide of ethnic minorities and "the trampling of personal liberties, the bullying of the powerless by those with authority," MTV reported.

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Directed by Romain Gavras, the nine-minute long clip from the singer of Tamil Sri Lankan origin has been likened to that nation's civil war.

But YouTube has refused to show the clip, with the rapper originally blaming her record company UMG for the decision.

"F*** UMG WHO WONT SHOW IT ON YOUTUBE! FOR THE U.S," she posted on Twitter.

She later retracted the comment after finding it had been YouTube's decision.

Gawker said the video was "no worse that what one can see in most rated-R movies or even on some prime-time television shows".

"It’s hard to get through this without feeling something," Entertainment Weekly said of the clip, while MTV called it a "form of political protest".

While the official version of the video has been removed, several other copies are still available on YouTube and other video sites.

Seems everything is becoming censored these days.

I'm a "ginger" and I don't find this in any way offensive or disturbing. From what they said about it's purpose it is a valid and informative protest method.
Problem with censorship is that once one starts with it, one does not know where to end with it. If violence is the criterion, then there are probably quite a few productions that can be banned on YouTube.
Well I am against censorship 100%, but this is completely different. Censorship would be the government banning it from the public. Youtube, however, is a privately owned company that provides a free service to the public. You are able to upload your content onto Youtube for absolutely no charge, provided that you follow their terms of service. Part of their terms of service state that you cannot upload videos with excessive violence. If you do not like that, you do not have to use their service. It's not like you're paying for it anyways.

This hardly qualifies as real censorship. The government is not banning this video from the public - that would be censorship. I'm sure you can still view this video from some other source. All we have is a company saying, "We'll allow you to put up YOUR videos onto OUR server and use OUR website provided that your videos comply with our desire to stay PG-13."

Is that honestly that ridiculous to ask? And Youtube is actually really lienant with their TOS. Before Youtube got huge, there were many other small sites similar to Youtube that I used. Some of them had the most outrages TOS - to the point where anything that wasn't rated G wasn't allowed up.
@Afaceinthematrix. I'm a huge fan of YouTube, I think it is one of the greatest services that have been thought out. I also have no problem if they wish to set standards for the materials that are allowed to be uploaded. I don't agree however that the Government has sole ownership of "censorship". If YouTube has standards by which certain classes of materials must be excluded, it obviously means they have to censor all materials so that materials that must be excluded are excluded.

I don't have a problem with censorship at all, provided it is done in a responsible way, however I see a problem on the side of YouTube who may most likely be flooded with requests to exclude materials that viewers feel should be similarly excluded, or protest materials that have been excluded.
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