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XP Recovery - My Documents inaccessible

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to get into the old My Documents folder after a new XP installation? It says "access is denied" and I can't even see the properties of this folder.

I had to reinstall because, all of a sudden, I couldn't get into my windows after a reboot - it seems there was a password but I never put in passwords so something was definately whacked.

I have a lot of files from that old installation and to not be able to access it will hurt me quite a bit. Tons of works gone Crying or Very sad
check and make sure your new install and user has admin rights !
or f8 boot into admin acct and make new user with rights
good luck
Thanks for the info and I got it. I had to change permissions from the new install to EVERYONE for that particular folder. Something, I don't know what yet, put a password on my user. Luckily for me, it didn't screw with the Administrator account! If I have to install XP one more time for a screw up, I'm moving to Linux!
This case shows the importance of frequent backups of documents etc to other drives (CD,Flash drive whatever).

Any Windows OS can crash at any time (don't know about others), Linux is a major step and a lot of work to ensure all your apps etc are readable / useable by the majority of the world using Windows.
you can also boot with a program like ERD Commander and set new rights for folders and files to overwhelm such problems, In my company somebody had some time ago such a problem, an we solved it this way, even for forgotten passwords this works Wink

only problem --> software is very expensive, but there are free systems like this software around, you can burn the CDImage and boot from CD to do what you need to do
It seems strange to me.
Did you upgrade or perform a clean install?

If you perform a clean install, you may delete the partition that previous Windows OS in, thus can not recover anything. If not, You must have installed it in another partition. The second case is a big waste for your resourses.

Even though you delete your files, window can not delete it completely, what it did was rename your file name. You can use some programs to recover them from

If you did not have problem with XP then never install linux because install XP is so much easy compare to installing Linux.
Backup ur data frequently to CD or anything to prevent this . This will teach you , right ?
haha, good thing you got them, i've made the mistake of setting the option in Windows media player that copy protects your music, and i lost all of my music files when i upgraded
dandollinger wrote:
haha, good thing you got them, i've made the mistake of setting the option in Windows media player that copy protects your music, and i lost all of my music files when i upgraded

Did you ever mange to recover your music? I have a friend that did the same thing and now a gigs of music he can't listen to because he didn't backup his licenses. Is there a way to get that music back?
I think i know wats happened.

You must have installed a fresh XP on a new partition and leaving the old one as it is or maybe u just coppied the whole MY Doccuments folder to some location and did a formatt.

The problem XP thinks it is a part of another XP/user which u dont have rights to.

I know all this because i have done this foolishness. I just copied the whole My Documents to another loction and did a formatt. So the lesson i learnt was to back up all files from My Doccuments & not just copy the whole folder to a safer location

Lucky u were able to recover it. I just junked the whole think since it wasnt much, but just a few movies.

SO Backup all files & folder of My Doccuments individually & not just copy the whole My Documents folder Smile
It is because the SID (Security Identity Code) stays the same after a fresh installation of XP, but after an installation, you get a different Security ID.
I have a dutch article about it... but it won't help you a lot, would it :p

I also found the english version here. Read the post of RealBlackStuff.

James Smile
For any problem to be solved its important to diagnose the Exact problem. I saw many suggesting different things.You will need to see the symptoms and make out the exact problem.

In my Opinion, You have NTFS file system and sometime while changing or adding admin password You checked "PROTECT MY FILES" or while viewing properties of the folder you checked "MAKE PRIVATE".

This will surely make your folder not accesible under a different account/install. If this is true just right back and I'll try to help you out.
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