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gawping at television!

it might be a cliche that many of us might be familiar with, "i have this show to catch".modernisation,technologies,and our growing progress has changed many things in us, including the fact that it has made us into full fledged automatons and nothing less than that so to speak.our mind functions like machines too nowadays i guess.atleast that's what recent studies is to be believed or not. we do spend more time with buttons,machines,gadgets more than we spend time with of the most favourite gadget is the television.which many of our mothers rightly call the idiot box.well all myopic students would rather give away books as the reason.but everyone's not a fool.every home has some mother,some in-law stories cooking up in their tv sets.ans they love their precioys time to be wasted on that rather than something useful.i wouldn't be too sarcastic saying that television has nothing constructive to offer, few channels are taking care of that matter.the television viewing although depends upon the age are glued to cartoon network ..where so-called"family woes" are viewed by middle aged married women,and news channels are a hit with middle aged men, youngsters have variety within their group,some like wrestling,some like football, some nerds like discovery and other nature andscience depicting channels..but when it comes to college students it all changes with time..from the first semester to the keeps changing for the influence they have.and everything in that part seem to make that their best wasted time.well the television story has a lot to tell.isn't it?
I am beginning to wonder whether television or the internet is? I would actually prefer kids watch television over free time on the web - it's safer unsupervised.
I am off to watch some mindless television - a NASCAR race!
TV is just a tool man, whether you use it or how you use it is in your hand. No point of cribbing over it.
TV can be dangerous, time wasting, entertaining or educational, it just depends what you watch.

When I was younger I never had a tv cos I prefered to do stuff than to watch it but now I enjoy watching sport and stuff cos I can't do it as much now
Everything in excess is bad and everything has some pros as well as cons, Every great invention is being utilized but at the same time misused at a larger level.
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