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So I'm thinking of getting an eReader this summer. Just sort of looking into it and deciding what I want and I wanted some opinions on what to look for. Here is what I want:

1) Decent screen size, probably more in the 6"+ range, but I need to see more hands on to really know
2) e-ink type so it is readable outdoors and indoors
3) Good battery life (probably goes without saying)
4) Compatibility - I'd like to be able to read .pdfs and other standard documents in addition to purchased books
5) As for DRM'd books, I want something that isn't overly restrictive. If I lose the ereader or want to upgrade, I should still have my books. And sharing (like on the Nook) seems nice but not necessary since no one I know has one
6) Good display - high contrast (16 shades seems to be the best)

Other features I would like
1) Android or Linux would be nice for some options of extra customization
2) Free wireless seems like a nice extra
3) Touch screen only if the screen still looks the same
4) Color would be cool, and faster refresh rate on the display (probably still a few years away though)

So anyone have experience or tips? Also wondering what the experience is like with finding books (free, paid, how does the DRM work, etc.)
my ipod touch isn't jailbroken, few reasons like lm still in warranty, and its still tether jailbreaking (meaning plug into itunes every time l turn it off... ya, no.), l setted up my e-mail (Gmail, 5mb cap, you can get splicers though), and e-mail yourself your ebook, check it on your Mail App, it'll download, it'll keep saying can't check for new mail when wifi is off or not connected, but you'll still be able too read it. There's also some apps (ie WattPad) that are free, some are pay and get a bunch of books, or subscriptions, l'm limited too it as l don't have a credit card, and in Canada too buy apps requires credit card, not gift card. But asides that, 199CAD for 8GB.......... no e-ink though, but for a quick find or cheap, way l've been doing. But at the time of this posting, in the market l doubt you'll find one for less then 200$. FYI, l've been using torrenting my e-books, splice them if too large then 5MB, and e-mail. Costing me nothing. Books are too much, magazine in the states, 3.99, Canada 10.99? like wtf? Let alone books.
Any other suggestions?
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