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do you like Linux
yes, nothing better!
 93%  [ 14 ]
no, sucks big time!
 6%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 15

most of us use Windows series of operating systems but for the ones who have gotten used to the Linux platforms we have enough reasons to stick to it. The closed Kornel type operating system provides security against the Virus attacks and hence no external anti virus program needs to be bought this is both time saving and money saving. The best part however is that it is absolutely free, which means that no need to wait in lines to buy virus prone windows softwares. It does not crash, it can be customized as per our wants and etc ....
For the gamers, the new versions of many a games are Linux compliant so there is no need to keep an extra operating system for gaming purposes. So when i say Linux is a better operating it has a lot of substance behind it.
The later versions of windows have a great deal of graphic advancements included in them but the real deal is how ever the same. The Mac OS are overpriced and do not deserve that hype that they receive.
Thus for the beginners It is a good practice to have a do with all kinds of operating systems but you have to understand that the main feature is to run your workstation and even for a normal day computing with a lot of ease.
Linux is a fantastic alternative to Windows or MacOS; it's powerful, fully capable of handling most day to day computing, there are Windows emulators if you absolutely HAVE to use a Windows based piece of software... it's secure, it's easy to install and to use (Linux isn't user friendly is an obsolete idea)... there's no licensing fee to use it!!

I use Linux as a secondary OS, I primarily use MacOS and occasionally Windows. The view I espouse is that for most users, any of the OSes will do everything you want it to without any real limitations. The fact that Linux is free makes it stand out quite from the crowd, however... but at the same time, most people don't immediately see the cost of an OS purchase anyway, so it's an invisible cost to them, making Windows and MacOS feel free as well. Marketing Linux is made more difficult for this reason.

smit_alumni wrote:
Mac OS are overpriced and do not deserve that hype that they receive.

MacOS is really quite cheap; an upgrade disc of 10.6 (which is really the same as the full install disc) is only $30... I think I got my 10.5 disc for $120, not realizing that the upgrade would be the same thing Razz That's not really a tonne of cash.

It's Mac hardware that's expensive, not the OS.
I used to use Ubuntu on one of my computer. However, it's currently dead. It won't boot. Start it and *BEEP* *BEEP* forever...
I used linux before on my pc. but a lot of applications that cannot run on the linux distro's so now since Windows 7 is now available i stick on it. but it doesn't mean that I won't install linux redhat on my computer on the near future. just waiting for the right time to install this os to know more what changes they made after 4 years.
jstei wrote:
I used to use Ubuntu on one of my computer. However, it's currently dead. It won't boot. Start it and *BEEP* *BEEP* forever...

Sounds like a hardware problem... nothing to do with the OS.
it is a hardware problem! for sure!
I don't really like the options. I had to choose no because I don't think that it's the best operating system. I like its reliability and it being open source, but I like the functionality of Windows.
I've always known that Linux is great and a lot more efficent that Windows, it's just for the last 10 years I've been stuck to Windows due to my interest in gaming and also the sheer ability to be able to get obscure applications that do very specific things (which has become as easy for linux). Recently however Windows has pushed me past my limit - you have to install about a million security devices and work hard updating and scanning every day in order to keep your machine running fast. So now I dual boot with ubuntu, and after hearing about this Wine thing thought it was time to switch over - for just listening to music, browsing the web or doing general stuff it's about 10x faster and a lot easier to multitask in my opinion... I really only go back to windows now for music production (renoise) and very new games. And eventually I'll switch over entirely but the dual boot works great and is damn easy to setup compared to most stuff. Also the fact that you actually have some proper command based stuff underneath is great, makes a lot of fixes a one step process... whereas DOS hasn't been able to do anything useful for years.

Overall - would thoroughly recommend for general computer useage. If you don't like it, you can just load back up XP or whatever.
well... maybe there should have been some more choice than a loveit/hateit, but overall I prefer Linux
Indeed - i prefer the linux as well. Largely b/c it's free and viruses are rare - as are system crashes. Very Happy
I prefre Linux RedHat and Fedora, it's more useful on my work.
I use linux debian. Currently i have a windows xp partition too but i don't use it.
Cheeldash wrote:
I use linux debian. Currently i have a windows xp partition too but i don't use it.

Yeah, that seems to be the trend with most people. They dual boot two operating systems, but almost always use one exclusively. Not necessarily a bad thing though.
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