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Memory Card Data Recovery Software


Memory Card Data Recovery Software is easy, non-destructive and read-only utility used to recover lost and missing photos, snaps, music, and other multimedia files from memory card storage media. Software undelete intentionally/unintentionally deleted data due to human mistake and improper device usage or similar data loss reasons.

Software supports recovery of lost or deleted data saved in major file formats including gif, bmp, jpg, mpeg, tiff, avi, mp3 etc.

Software can be used as forensic tool for investigation use.

Its really very good software i have used it for long time. you can also download it from :

Demo Version download
Recuva does the same thing and is not just limited to memory cards and is FREE. It's from the same people who make CCleaner.

Get it here:
I do not trust programs like that because I had a flash drive and i used one and the U3 feature on my 1 gig sandisk would not work anymore after....
There are lots of free alternatives available for file recovery from Memory Card or USB Drive or digital camera or MP3 player or iPod or External HDD or internal Hard Disk or even a floppy disk,

The very fact that this software is being marketed as a specialised " 'memory card' data recovery software" raises suspicions.

Try Recuva or Photorec or Testdisk

They are free and work
Hey, thanks for your nice data recovery information. Honestly, I really know a little about such memory card data recovery information. However, after experiencing related memory card data loss troubles several times, I have learned the deleted or removed information can be recovered back from memory card before the original data is really rewritten by anything else. What is needed in such cases is only memory card data recovery software.
So, if someone really needs such data recovery helps, these articles may also be useful:
NO matter what happens, memory card data backups should be made well all the time.
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