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iPhone will not backup

I have an iPhone 3Gs, 16Gb that for the past couple months won't complete a backup. Backing up, the phone prepares for backup for about 1-2 minutes then backup begins. It reaches about, maybe 10% progress in about 5 minutes then essentially freezes. I've let backups proceed overnight and they make no further progress to completing after 6-8 additional hours.

For example, this screen shot was taken after about 7 minutes of backing up:

This one was taken after another 50 minutes..

This one was taken at just past the 2hr. mark

SOME progress was made, but it's pretty minuscule. If I let it go for several more hours, there's be almost no difference in progress.

If I cancel the backup at any point, the rest of the synch proceeds just fine, synching content (contacts, applications, music, pictures, etc) in a normal time. It just won't backup.

I've been looking for a fix for a while; I think my last successful backup was in maybe November 2009. I've come across references to certain applications causing backup issues, and to delete them; I did, with no result. I've deleted my old backups; no result. I've reset warnings, no result… I did a completely fresh install of Snow Leopard when I upgraded, and did a completely fresh install of iTunes… no change. I've tried giving the phone some hard reboots… no change.
I have seen one suggestion to delete all apps on the phone and then it will work… but this somewhat defeats the purpose of making a backup of your settings (I want to maintain my app settings)… and, well, that's a lot of deleting.

Any thoughts on how I can get a current backup of my iPhone?

iPhone 3Gs; OS - 3.1.3
iTunes 9.1 (and prior versions back to maybe Nov.09)
System - 13" Macbook C2D 2.0; 2Gb RAM; MacOS 10.5.x through new install to 10.6.3
** Just tried on a system running WinXP, same result
It sounds like the problem is with the phone, not the computer, if it fails on two different OSs. Maybe there's an alternative to using ITunes, though. If there is, it might be a challenge to install both the replacements, for the computer app and the IPhone app.

You say you can synch the phone with the computer ok. Doesn't that effectively make a copy of at least most of the things you want to save? How about a backup of that data on the computer? Would it be fairly easy to restore it from a backup of the sync'ed files?
Synching has two main stages, backup and content synch. The backup isn't working, so I have no backup to restore from. The synch works fine, however, so I can copy applications bought through iTunes or the phone to the other, update my music, contacts, bookmarks, etc.... but no backup. The backup would contain all the user data from the apps and such.

The problem with restoring from the backups I have from before the porblem (I'd have to transfer them back onto the computer from their external saving point) is that they're months out of date, making them basically useless. What I'd want to restore to is more recent than what I have archived.

I haven't tried any of the third party backup programs yet; kinda hoping to resolve the issue through official channels before going that route.

With OS 4 coming out in the early summer, I want to have a good, current backup of my phone contents before I upgrade. Though if something goes wrong and I have to set everything up manually again, it won't be the end of the world
I don't believe you'll get much help here, try the Apple forums or a Apple specific forum. They will probably be better to help you.
Diablosblizz wrote:
I don't believe you'll get much help here, try the Apple forums or a Apple specific forum. They will probably be better to help you.

I have Wink posted here, apple discussions, my own forum, links via facebook and twitter. When I want an answer I seed it.

All the same, I haven't really gotten any real responses all in all. After trying a few more things yesterday, deleting a bunch more apps and the like, I ended up just doing a system restore to factory defaults and am now working on repopulating my data and will then try another backup; see if it works. If it doesn't, perhaps it's a hardware issue.

EDIT - I tested up a backup, it completed in about 45 seconds. So the problem is cured, but didn't fix the original issue concerning preserving the data that was already there. Ah well, I have it mostly back to what I want.
download the latest version of would help you...or get a Mac Very Happy
Fire Boar
5aia wrote:
download the latest version of would help you...or get a Mac Very Happy

I hardly think spending a grand on a toy computer to try out something which might or might not fix the problem is a cost-efficient solution. Especially when it sounds like it's the iPhone itself that's causing problems, not iTunes/Windows.
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